Guru Rinpoche Puja 2022

Guru Rinpoche Puja



On 8th July together with my students we will be doing a simple Puja to show our gratitude to Guru Rinpoche for his teachings.

As the situation for Covid and monkeypox is still a worrying factor therefore this event will be a close door event with my students.

However you can still participate in this event by doing the below offerings for the Puja. First come first serve for all items. Closing date will be on 5th July 2022.

Candles Offering
$30 (personal/couple)
$50 (personal/couple/family/business)

Food Offering (8 sets available)
$25 each set

Wine Offering (12 available)
$40 per bottle (u may bring home right after the event) *wine will be opened during event

Smoke Puja (12 available)
$30 packs (will be used on the actual day)

Any other Contribution
Any amount

Items available
Blessed amulet
Special Sacred item A (to wear)
$238 each (Only 3 available)

Special Sacred item B (to wear)
$188 (Only 1 available)

Special Sacred item C (to wear)
$150 (Only 7 available)

Special Sacred item D (to wear)
$138 (Only 1 available)

Special Sacred item E (to wear)
$108 each (Only 2 available)

Do msg me for any enquiries.
Thank you. May all be well.

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