Naga event 2020

Naga event was never easy if you have do it before. However thank you all for your support and trust. We have completed yet another successful Naga offering.

This year I have chosen to use a smaller boat and bring only 11 other Naga practitioner on board. Hope u guys have learn more in-depth knowledge on Naga.

May all Naga, practitioners and all sentient beings benefit from this event. Thank you once again.



Notice of changes for Naga Offering 2020

Dearest All,

In view of the current situation as to avoid mass gathering following government advice and to be social responsible, I have seek direction with the Naga and we have come to an agreement to make the changes.

  1. Event will not be open to all and only Naga practitioner will be going to sea with me for the Offering.
  2. Event date remains 22/02 timing might change.
  3. All payment (except the stones) will be refunded. (I will send u a personal msg about it)
  4. All Naga vase sponsorship will be refunded as we will not have personal vase for offering and all vase will be change to offering to Naga as below.
  5. All payment for Ferry and offerings will also be refunded.
  6. New Offering of Naga Vase,
    1. There will be 8 Naga Vase open for Sponsorship.
      The 8 vase will be offered to,
      龙王佛, 八大龙王, 四海龙王, 五方龙王, 龙女, 地母,
      Offered to Naga for 新加坡 和 永乐轩。
    2. Sponsorship of vase per name will be S$60 for each vase.
    3. You may sponsor only 1 name for each vase.
      (So 1 person can sponsor all 8 vases at $480 or 1 vase at $60 or 3 vases at $180)
    4. Each vase will have a limited number of sponsorships.
    5. Pls send me which vase u wish to sponsor and the name of sponsor.
  7. New Offering to Naga,
    1. Offering to Naga is still available but it will be change to donation of any amount. (Example: Mr AA $50, Mr BB $10, Mr KK $1000, Mr LL $38 etc)
    2. This amount will be used for the purchasing of offering items and the boat cost.
    3. Pls send me the amount you wish to donate and the name.
  8. Offering of Offering of 龙王解脱石
    1. Offering of the stone to Naga remain unchanged.
    2. Price remains $10 each
    3. please send me the name offering the stone.

Feel free to contact me with regards to the change or sponsorship of any kinds or for clarification for the event. Thank you.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. I will try my best to do another round of Naga Offering in 2020. May all be healthy!




Yearly Naga Offering Puja (供龙王法会) will be held on 22nd Feb 2020 at the western sea of Singapore.

The benefits of this prayer is to improve one’s present wealth, fame, relationship, health, confidence, gaining merits, removing of obstacles and eliminating of sickness. This prayer will also aid all Naga in their path towards Buddhahood, improve their health and giving them merits.

As predicted 2020 is a year of natural disaster and illness. Doing this prayer will  aid you of your health, wealth and to avoid getting involved in natural disaster.

This year a special item(龙王解脱石) will be made available for offering to aid Naga to improve and lead them to the higher realms. Each stone will be $10 and only 50 pieces is available.

Limited number of Naga Vase (龙王宝瓶) is available for sponsorship.Image result for naga vase

Sponsorship of Naga Vase
(Registration will start on 2nd Feb 2020 and close on13th Feb 2020)

Naga Vase (龙王宝瓶):
S$208(Small: Personal)
S$388(Big: Personal/Couple/Family/Business)

Offering of 龙王解脱石:$10

Ferry Fees and Offerings: S$72

For all sponsorship of vase and participation of event please contact,
Dom @ (90401072)

Event Date and Timing:
22/02/2020 @1-4pm

Ferry Information:
12.30pm to meet up at Marina South Pier. (Please note that ferry will leave at 12.45pm)

Please wear white top.

Please note that all those going on board the ferry to participate must observe the following from 21st Feb@2300hrs,

– Do not consume any meat for that day (Vegetarian for that day);
– Do not consume any pungent foods (e.g. garlic, onion etc.);
– Do not apply cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances toiletries;
– Do not smoke, and do not consume alcohol;
– Keep your clothing clean and free from odour or fragrance.

For enquires please contact,