Crystal Sharing Course

There are many types of crystals available in the market but do you really know about crystal? And which type of crystal is good for healing? protection? love? health?

I will be conducting a course to share about some crystal knowledge and teach participants on the types of crystal to use for healing, protection, to lure love, to have more luck etc.

Course date: 10 July @3-7pm
Location: 428 Joo Chiat Road
Energy Exchange: $50 ( Part of collected will be donated)

For participants you may bring along some of your own crystal and we could have some fun with the crystal. Some crystal can be purchase at special rates during the workshop.
Please book a seat early as due to Covid safety measures I could not take too many participants.
*All attendees are required to follow the safe distancing measures and Mask to be wore throughout the workshop.

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