Lunar 7th Month 2021

Lunar 7th Month will start on 8th Aug 2021. Many will start preparing to do offering to the spirits while some will be doing merits for their parents or their ancestors. While cultivators like us will also remember their duty to help all from 6 realms.

This lunar 7th month we will be doing few events but due to Covid, all events and prayers will be done in closed door format with my students. However all are welcome to join these event in one way or the other.

Below are the events and prayers for you to choose to participate,

(A) Light Offering

One may do a light offerings. You may do it for Parents/grandparents/spouse/any elder in the family/ancestors/your departed love ones/anyone ill/for yourselves which often we forgot we need to love ourselves.

Why lights? Light means understanding because light represents wisdom. And light removes and dispels misunderstanding. All of our sufferings come from not knowing and not seeing. Offering lights indirectly removes confusion. To be successful in life we need to have clear ideas and a good understanding. And we should not just believe that success and good results are based on luck. Instead, when we have problems, we search for a clear understanding and wisdom to solve those problems.

Throughout the Buddhist world, in all traditions of Buddhist practice, devotees offer light. The life stories of accomplished men and women give examples of people beginning their path to liberation by offering light to an image or at a place of pilgrimage. We are lighting the way for ourselves and for other beings when we make the wish to dispel the darkness of ignorance!

Candle Offerings Energy Exchange:
A1) Full Month @$180 (price reduce from $270)

For the light you will need to provide me the names however the lights cannot mixed with any deceased person just like last year. You may msg me for more clarification on this part.

READY STOCK】A small statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva stands Ksitigarbha  Jiuhua Mountain Buddhist craft ornaments solemnly 18 cm dedicated to the  Peace Buddha地藏菩萨小佛像站地藏王九华山佛教工艺摆件庄严18厘米供奉平安佛|

(B) Offering of Statues

Buddha is saying that even though we cannot see the actual Buddha, if we make offerings to these holy objects symbolic of Buddha, the merit is equal to that of actually seeing Buddha and making offerings. It is not that the merit of those who met Shakyamuni Buddha in ancient times and were able to make offerings to him is not more than that of offering merely to a statue of Buddha. The result is exactly the same. This is very important to understand and very important to remember in our daily life. When we offer our food and drink, when we make offerings on the altar, whenever we do the practice of offering in our everyday life, we should feel great happiness.

Then Buddha said, “This is due to the blessings of Buddha. This is the reality but ordinary beings whose minds are undeveloped cannot see these benefits.”

“This is due to the blessings of Buddha” means that making offerings to statues has the same result due to the power of the holy object.”

Therefore we have made available 50 small Ksitigarbha (地藏王菩萨)statues for offering. Please note that the statues will be placed at Center’s 地藏王 Altar. This offering will be yearly basis. No choosing of location of statue. You may msg me for more clarification.

Statue Offerings Energy Exchange:
B1) One year (2021)@$138 (Usual $270 per year) ( (Availability: 50)

Please provide me with the name to be placed at the statue.

文化解讀】三官大帝憑啥“賜福赦罪解厄”?三官福文化在風水中的作用- 雪花新闻

(C) Seeking Forgiveness Prayer

On 22 Aug 2021 we will be doing a prayer to 赦罪地官 to seek forgiveness for all we have done for our past and present life. Participants of this event will not be required to come for the prayers. Just send me the name and I will included you in the prayers.

C1) One name @$27 (Availability: 50)

九朵往生莲花加持超度往生纸莲花神料| Shopee Malaysia

(D) Prayer for Wandering Souls

On 22 Aug 2021 we will be doing a prayer for wandering souls. We will have 49 lotus for this event. Please note that this is a prayers for wandering souls helping them in crossing the rainbow bridge. During the prayers we will also be offering food to all wandering souls.

D1) Sponsorship of each Lotus @$72 (Availability: 49)
D2) Sponsorship: Any amount


(E) Merits Lotus

On 6th Sept 2021 we will be doing a prayer to Ksitigarbha (地藏王菩萨)and during this event we will be offering 108 Lotus to Ksitigarbha (地藏王菩萨)for more details on the purpose for this offering you may check on my previous post August | 2019 | 神帥居(慈玄) ( or msg me for any queries.

For this Lotus, you may wish to offer in your name or for your parents or deceased loved ones or deceased animal or even wandering spirits.

E1) Sponsorship of each Lotus @$72 (Availability: 108)

Below are some of my previous post on 7th month,

Thank you

Thank you all for the offerings.

May all be at peace be safe be healthy.

For those who got the sacred items earlier please use it well. This item gives out very pure energy which feels like the earthly energy. Item A and C gives quite strong uplifting energy while B gives very powerful grounding energy.

So what can the wearer gets from?

It will bring u great aura cleansing not just the outer but emitting pure loving energy from within. It will helps wearer in their career, business, health, speech, mental stability etc. It also gives wearer positive affirmation on your thoughts and great protection especially while in nature.

This item was also empowered with guru’s energy earlier during the event so please treasure it and use it well.

Hold it during meditation or while doing spiritual stuff and enjoy the energy.

Please do not reveal to others what item it is and let it remain a mystery between us.

PS: please do not ask me what it is or wish to purchase the item as u have missed your chance this year.




Guru Rinpoche Puja 2021

On 19 July together with my students we will be doing a Guru Rinpoche Puja.

As the situation for Covid is still a worrying factor therefore this event will be a close door event with my students.

However you can still participate in this event by doing the below offerings to Guru Rinpoche. Please note that some of the items are for you to bring home while some will be used on the actual day or for other events. First come first serve for all items. Closing date will be on Sat 17 July 2021.

Candles Offering
$10 (personal) $30 (personal/couple) $50 (personal/couple/family/business)

Food Offering (6 sets available)
$20 each set

Wine Offering (12 available)
$40 per bottle (u may bring home right after the event) *wine will be opened during event

Incense Powder Offering (上供)
$50 per pack (u may bring home the powder after 7 days from event)

Incense Powder Offering (下施)
$50 per pack (this powder will be use during the event and also for Lunar 7th month) (Items will not be given)

Rice Offering
$15 per set ( this item will be use during Lunar 7th month event) (Items will not be given)

Any other Contribution
Any amount

Items available
Blessed amulet
$15 (u may collect after 7 days from event) (usual price $18)

Blessed Guru Rinpoche metal ‘Tangka’ amulet (only 1 piece)
$45 (u may collect after 7 days from event) (usual price $68)

Special Sacred item A (to wear)
$218 each (Only 6 available) (usual price $288)

Special Sacred item B (to wear)
$158 each (Only 3 available) (usual price $198)

Special Sacred item C (to wear)
$108 each (Only 6 available) (usual price $168)

Do msg me for any enquiries.

Thank you. May all be well.


韋馱菩薩的由來@ 大圓覺韋馱部落:: 隨意窩Xuite日誌

你若真修, 我必護法

今天是農歷六月初三,是大護法韋陀尊天菩薩的聖誕吉日。 韋陀菩薩,又稱「韋陀天」,是佛教里的護法神,相傳他姓韋名琨,為南方增長天王屬下的八大神將之一,位居三十二員神將之首。據說,釋迦牟尼佛在進入涅槃之時,邪魔把佛的遺骨即舍利搶走,韋陀奮力追趕,將舍利追回。故而佛教將其視為佛教的護法神,驅除邪魔、保護佛法的天神。 韋馱菩薩一般面朝寺院內部,常供奉在彌勒菩薩背後,意為守護寺院護持出家人修行。 

菩薩聖誕日行持念咒、行善、頂禮、供養、為僧眾供齋、持戒、修持慈悲心與菩提心等任一善法,其功德無量,請廣作功德,並回向給虛空法界一切眾生,願眾生能遠離一切天災人禍!願世界和平安寧! 《悲華經》說:韋馱菩薩在過去世跟釋迦牟尼佛等同為兄弟。過去劫轉輪聖王有一千個兒子,同為兄弟,千子學佛後各個發願,當時的韋馱菩薩聽了他們的發願後就說:“你們修行成道,弘揚佛法的時候我給你們做護法,護持你們,等你們全部成佛之後,我最後一個成佛。“後來轉輪聖王的千子成為我們賢劫的千佛,釋迦牟尼佛為第四尊,韋馱菩薩成就最後一尊,名字叫樓至佛。