Guru Rinpoche Event (莲师法会)

On 12th July we will be having our Guru Rinpoche Offering event from 8-11pm. We will be doing offerings to Guru and its protectors on the day.

For this event there will be 6 Wealth vase and 6 Health vase available for sponsorship and the vase will be blessed and given to the owner on the day of event.
Energy exchange for each Wealth vase is $180.
Energy exchange for Health vase is $150.
***Vase to be taken back home for offering. Only 6 vase each so first come first serve basis applies.


There is also a sponsorship of statues which will be placed at our centre. For health sponsorship fees are $100 each name(limited to 7 available names) and for Wealth sponsorship fees are $100 each name(limited to 12 available names)
***Please note that for this sponsorship the statues will be offered in our centre and the closing date for sponsorship is on 10 July.
***Picture for statues are for illustration purposes only. To see the actual statues please attend the event.

During this event you can also do light offerings, incense offerings, and purchase of blessed items.

Who to attend?
Anyone who wish to join this 3 hours long event. Please expect to sit on the floor.

When is it?

Where is it held?
It will be at 永乐轩

What exactly we doing?
Chanting and Sharing on Guru Rinpoche

How to attend?
Just come…