Glaucophane 蓝闪石

Glaucophane (蓝闪石)

Glaucophane lifts the spirit, and helps to lighten the mood. A stone that encourages a positive attitude, as well as instilling feelings of peace and of harmony within.

This is a stone that helps the being to function day to day, on all levels of the self. Glaucophane helps to open up the mentor and the guide within, as well encouraging the exploration and use of self-fulfilling prophecy. However, Glaucophane teaches that this must be followed with a true heart filled with positivism.

A stone that can help the being function harmoniously on all levels of the self, not only with day to day life, but also when obstacles and challenges arrive, so that the best outcome can be achieved if desired.

Glaucophane brings sparkle to the aura and gently raises the vibrational level of the being, and of its surroundings. This is a stone that neutralizes anger and replaces pessimism with optimism.

Also, Glaucophane brings out the healer in the being, and can be a helpful support to those who practice natural healing techniques regularly.

A stone that resonates well throughout all the energy centers, but especially focuses on the Root, Heart and Throat. Glaucophane can help to bring resolution to any upset within the focused area, whether it is on a spiritual level or a physical level.

This is a stone to help in the easing and clearing of depression, low moods, anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness. Alongside this, Glaucophane can improve the daily living function of the being who lives with disability such as Multiple Sclerosis, Bi-polar, Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Narcolepsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and alike. 

This stone can also improve the health of the skin, hair, eyes and nails, and also of the teeth and bones. Glaucophane relaxes tense muscles and helps to improve flexibility, as well as improving the metabolism and liver function. Glaucophane is useful for treating dyslexia and memory recall. It can also be used in achieving restful sleep.

A stone that can be a support to the being that can be emotionally sensitive, insecure or low in self-esteem. Glaucophane brings grounding, confidence and courage.

Where there is loss of appetite in different areas of life, this stone can be of great help by stimulating and encouraging the mind, body and spirit to function as one, with optimism, positivism and vitality.

Glaucophane can help in bringing back the sparkle to the being overall, this in turn will be seen as a positive effect throughout all levels of the self, as well as creating positive changes where necessary, and also attracting positive blessings towards the self.

This stone teaches the being how to function well through life, rather than falling or stumbling through life.

Glaucophane can also be helpful when one is blocked from finding a solution to a problem.

Glaucophane promotes the expression of spiritual ideals activating visionary symbolism from the spiritual realm.