Naga event 2018

Dearest all. Thank you for your support for naga event 2018. Together we had offer 270 Kg of crystals, herbs, grains, medication, fruits, lovely flowers and most importantly your kind thoughts for all sentient beings. As mentioned during the event; bring kindness to yourself and people around you. 以善念把世界变得更美好。

Once again we thank you as you made this event possible. We hope to see all of you again soon and meanwhile stay healthy, happy and good luck for the coming draw.


真都元阳 紫微之尊 自然大圣 赐福天官

统摄天将 驱使鬼神 鸣钟击鼓 乘车紫云

队仗千万 总领天兵 涤除凶秽 驱浊神清