10000 Guru Rinpoche mantra recitation

Dearest Merits Donors/Participants of Naga Offering,

I have in all your names offered a 18″ Guru Rinpoche Statue to Light of Life Meditation Centre(靈宗堂) and on 1st of May 2014 we will be offering it up at Light of Life Meditation Centre(靈宗堂)( https://www.facebook.com/LingZongTang)

On this special day we will also recite 10000 Guru Rinpoche’s mantra.

The whole day program is as below mention. Please note that all meals will Not be provided. Try to be on vegetarian for the whole day. Try to be in your comfortable clothes suitable for sitting down on the floor. All donation is of voluntary basis.

10-1pm Session 1
1-2pm Lunch (Self)
2-4pm Session 2
4-5pm Tea-Break (Self)
5-7pm Session 3
7-8pm Dinner (Self)
8-10pm Session 4

-Must I attend all 4 sessions?
No, you may attend any session but try to make it for all 4 sessions in order to complete the 10000. And try not to miss the 4th session as we will do a dedication of merits (回向) at the end of the session.

-Do I need to bring anything?
No, but you can bring along your mala beads if you have.

-What is the benefit of chanting?
The benefits of chanting Guru’s Mantra is boundless. For more details you may wish to check here: http://lingzongcultivation.wordpress.com/mantra-reciting/

-I have never chant before can I still join?
Yes. Guru Rinpoche mantra Initiation will be done for you.

灵宗堂 Light of Life Meditation Buddhist Society

After cultivating for 6-7 years we finally have a centre(灵宗堂 Light of Life Meditation Buddhist Society)
This centre is open to public on the below mentioned days of the week and it is located at Blk 1 Beach Rd #01-4825.  
To contact us you may,
Email: soulcultivation96@hotmail.com 
Website: http://lingzongcultivation.wordpress.com/ 
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LingZongTang

Every Monday(8pm to 10pm), Thursday(8pm to 10pm), Saturday(3pm to 5pm) and Sunday(3pm to 5pm) centre will be open to public for some lessons. Below are the types of lesson available. 
Monday, Ksitigarbha Divination 
To check on ones karma and to get simple remedy from Master Leroy.

Thursday, Mantra Reciting 
We will be reciting Guru Rinpoche’s Mantra.

Saturday, Meditation Class
Can’t quiet down your mind? Master Cheryl will lead you to a peace and quiet mind.

Sunday, Energy Healing 
Not feeling well? Do join us for a spiritual hour where our healers with the guidance of Master Andrew will heal your bodily problems.

Energy exchange fees are of voluntary donation.