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Lapis Lazuli

These Lapis Lazuli are perfect to use in any healing session or in your meditations. Made from a combination of minerals, including Lazurite, Calcite, and Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli is said to have been in existence since the birth of time, and was used by ancient Hebrews on ceremonial robes.

Good for balancing the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli reminds us of the power of the spoken word, fosters full verbal expression, and clears problems caused by “swallowing your tongue.”  Lapis Lazuli encourages clear expression when sharing information with others, including easier communication of anger.

Also a Third Eye Chakra opener, Lapis Lazuli connects the physical and celestial kingdoms.    Deeply peaceful, Lapis Lazuli provides wisdom into mystical realms and connection with spiritual guardians.  Lapis Lazuli is a good stone to expand intuitive skills while remaining objective and open to reasoned analysis.  Lapis Lazuli also protects against psychic attack, shielding negative energy and returning any negative vibrations to their source.

Moldavite Crystals
Moldavite is extraterrestrial in nature, as these crystals were formed about 20 million years ago when meteors crashed to the Earth.  The impact of the meteorites’ hits caused the existing rock material in the Earth to melt and fuse with the meteors, creating a new gemstone made of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial material.

Moldavite is usually deep bottle green colour and natural etchings, and are translucent when held up to light.  Associated with the Third Eye or Heart Chakras, Moldavite enhances inner journeys, channelling, cosmic consciousness, and awareness of inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial energies.  Moldavite reminds us how our Earth is but one place in a much larger system of cosmic consciousness.

Moldavite’s effects can range from powerful to subtle, depending on the person, and can help one to accelerate their spiritual growth, opening the chakras to higher frequencies of energy.  Many crystal healers use Moldavite to enhance energetic connections between the etheric fields and the chakras.  When using Moldavite for Meditation, you may want to keep a good grounding stone, such as black tourmaline, red jasper, or obsidian, nearby.

Green Tourmaline 
Green Tourmaline can attract money and success by opening the Heart Chakra to one’s inner truth, enabling one to reach for their true desires. In addition, Green Tourmaline helps to attract prosperity by connecting one to the cycles of the Earth, helping to bring one into the natural flow of life. Green Tourmaline can help one to connect with the nature spirits. Green Tourmaline is often used with the Heart Chakra, to promote strength, courage, and vitality, and to encourage a state of allowing.

Green Tourmaline is a metaphysically protective stone which is said to balance and harmonize the Chakras. It is ideal for healing purposes as they can focus their healing energies, clearing the aura and removing blockages. Meditating with it can enhance mature emotional development by pulling higher vibration frequencies in through the Third Eye Chakra, to be processed in the Heart Chakra.

All Tourmaline is thought to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the male and female energies. Tourmalines encourage healing and grounding of energies. Working with Tourmalines in a body layout can balance the Chakras and stabilize the aura. Physically, Green Tourmaline can help with ailments of the heart and immune system, and promotes general good health

Super-seven crystal

Super Seven Crystal
Many wonderful things have been written about the Super Seven Crystal, the most impressive being that it represents the universal brotherhood of humanity! Super Seven is a rather interesting crystal, also known as Sacred Seven and Melody’s Stone. Although not always visible a piece of Super Seven retains all the properties of Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite combined. This is part of what makes this stone so desirable. However what gets people really excited is that it is one of the few stones that retains all the energy and clarity of each mineral and it never needs cleansing or energizing!

Super Seven opens up all the senses and helps one to see auras it is considered and important stone for stimulating and developing all types of psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channelling, telekinesis and others.
It is a powerful stone for healing the earth, mind body and spirit disease. The very nature of the stone means that it is not associated with any one chakra; instead it is fantastic at healing, balancing and energizing all seven charkras. (Hence the name Super Seven).

These high crystal energy stones have a vibration that will help metaphysical activities on a variety of levels. This energy aids spiritual and psychic workers to take their talents to the next level higher. Anyone who has already developed any psychic powers, will understand why many people prefer to call these Sacred Seven Stones

One of the best ways to use these stones is to meditate with them. The best uses are both in a psychic meditation and also keeping them close to you for extended periods. If you keep them close, you may find that their energy has a beneficial result, on many levels for your personal healing. By sleeping with one of these stones under your pillow you may awake feeling a deep sense of peace, harmony and contentment.


Use it in your daily crystal meditation as by meditating with these stones you may find that many different psychic communication abilities may be accentuated and stimulated. As you continue to use Melody’s Stone regularly the vibration of this stone begins to bring new levels of gifts into your awareness.

It is known to aid some people to be able to see auras… as well as increasing psychic abilities. This includes clairvoyance, telepathy, automatic writing, channelling, ESP, clairaudience and clairsentience as well as increasing your intuition.

Wearing Super Seven is an excellent idea as keeping this stone within your auric field is energetically stimulating.

These stones are often quite beautiful and it is quite common for them to be crafted into quite extraordinary pieces.

Although some of the minerals in the stone are not always visible… there are many lovely stones with visible colours of Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst Crystals. Within some of the stones it may be possible to see the inclusions of Rutile and Lepidocrocite visible in the stone and these make beautiful crystal jewellery.


Do email me if interested in any of the pieces. 


『龍』梵語叫做那嘎(Naga)、八部眾之一、有神通力、能變化雲雨、龍王乃一切權勢之王、掌握一切財富、倘能發心供養令彼愉悅,誠敬獻供者現世可速獲財富,福慧增長並得大 威權勢、事業順利、財源廣進等大福勝報。天龍八部係指天、龍、夜叉、乾闥婆、阿修羅、迦樓羅、緊那羅、摩侯羅伽等八部、其中龍部眾生種類繁多,在佛教佔有 重要的地位。在釋尊面前誓願保護佛法八大護法龍王,都是佛菩薩之化生:


龍族多住於海洋、湖泊、大河、小溪、泉水等處,也有部分住於崖洞、樹林之間。現今地球的湖、海、江、河、森林等處,大量濫殺、濫捕、濫墾,造成無數龍族被殺 害。更由於過度開發、砍伐林木,破壞了龍族及地祇諸巖穴。糞尿不淨之穢水、有毒的化學汙水,大量的排入江洋中,頻頻傷害龍族,令其不樂。故現在世界各地, 種種疾病肆虐,地震災難、氣候異常變化、暴風豪雨、乾旱等異象不斷出現。此外,經典還說:「龍王佛是指龍王的成就。」許多大乘經典裡都非常讚嘆天龍八部的 護持力量,由於他們曾在佛前發誓要護持修行人及佛法,因此擁有五通及息、增、懷、誅等法的天龍八部,對修行人及慈悲獻供者具有很大的助緣力量。


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king gesar 1

為了迎接新的一年的来临,靈宗堂特选在十二月十五日(15 Jan 2014 Wednesday) 格萨尔王诞辰举办格萨尔王与六臂瑪哈嘎拉息灾增益法会,以淨除新的一年里的惡緣、霉運、惡障、疾病、使新的一年諸事得以滿願順遂、事業增上,修持佛法無有障礙,福慧增長,一切吉祥、如意、幸福、快樂。


1) 21瓶法酒甘露(可取回)($69)
2) 5片格萨尔王木牌(可取回)(1片$108)
king gesar plaque
3) 4个瑪哈嘎拉鉤刀(不可取回)( 1个$108)
4) 4面格萨尔王战旗 (不可取回)(1面$69)
5) 3瓶酒(法会当日用)($36)
6) 3瓶红酒(法会当日用)($36)

法会     :十二月十五日(15 Jan 2014 Wednesday@8PM)
法会地点: 龙阁 (Blk 1 Beach rd #01-4739)
法会联络: (90401072)


king gesar flag

若有格萨尔的战旗所在,其人事业昌盛,当地会风调雨顺,饥饿、瘟疫和战乱等灾祸消失,众生就能沐浴十善吉祥的光辉。 格萨尔王战旗通常都悬挂于高山顶、树梢或房子屋顶上随风飘扬,挂越多、风吹得越远、刮得越大,消业越快,运气越好。若在做格萨尔王烟供时,坛城后面或旁边悬挂此给萨旗,护法会来熏领法益,同时赐给大家好运道。格萨尔王战旗,亦可供奉悬挂于佛堂、坛城、护法堂、公司、工厂、家中,虔诚恭敬祈求,是改恶运,增长好运之最上法门。