“The Stone of Transformation“
BISMUTH is a man-made stone that facilitates the meditative state of oneness and allows us to experience true serenity and bliss. It is knowin to help the transition from the physical plane to the astral realm/spiritual realm.
BISMUTH helps the body adjust to higher vibrations
BISMUTH is associated with all of the 7 major Chakras. The energy entering in through the Crown Chakra is filtered through each Chakra and then grounded into the Earth via the Root chakra.   
BISMUTH is associated with the power of wisdom and without a doubt wisdom will be attained 

CHAKRA(s): All

• Healing
• Transformation
• Grounding

• Against Radiation

• Focus
• Visualization
• Shamanic Journey’s
• Assurance
• Cohesiveness
• Astral Projection
• Transformation
• Bliss
• Organization
• Regeneration
• Spiritual Development
• Physical Vitality
• Conscious Awareness

• Relieves feelings of loneliness and isolation
• Helps adapt to change
• Encourages us to work with others as a group
• Helps us cope with big changes
• Aids in fortifying relationships
• Clears the biological field
• Prevents from becoming overwhelmed
• Provides support during transformation

• Reduce Fevers
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Aspergers
• Reduces Catatonic Sate

Merits for the dearly departed

Dear all for the event祖先功德法会/

I will be doing a closing for names on 2nd April at 3pm. So for those who wish to do merits for your ancestors pls do msg me with their names before the closing.

Each name will be $27. The event will be held on Friday but not open to public to attend due to Covid advisory. Sorry for any inconvenience.

2020 庚子年


After talking the same thing since oct 2019 to now for about 6 month I finally have time to pen this down. Those who have known will likely to have benefited from this or rather many had the chance to prepare themselves for 2020.

So what is 2020?

2020 is the year of metal rat and this year it’s called 庚子年. And history had prove us that every 庚子年 it’s a problem year….

Previous 庚子年s’

1960- China met with famine after 3 years natural disaster, Africa 17 country gain independence during some civil war, Vietnam war, Chile 9.5 earthquake.

1960年庚子年:中国三年自然灾害,前所未有的大饥荒. 非洲17国相继宣布独立,被称为“非洲独立年”。美国正式派兵介入越南战争。智利发生9.5级大地震,突破人类记录之最,14万人死亡

1900 Siege of the International Legations. India famine, strikes in Europe, Africa war.

1900年庚子年:八国联军侵华战争,圆明园被毁, 印度发生大饥荒,数百万人饿死。欧洲爆发罢工浪潮。南非战争爆发,尸殍遍野

1840 opium war which cause plenty death.


So history had actually warn us about the problem every 60 years.

Below are some of my prediction that I have shared with my students and customers……

2020 is going to be a year of major natural disaster and advise all to avoid places with flood, tsunami, earthquake and volcanic activity places. And had advise against ppl going to Japan as very likely a major earthquake might occur especially during the Olympic period.

Anyway flood was seen in quite a few places in 2020, earthquake was frequent and seeing a few 7 magnitude and few volcanoes started to have activities in 2020.

2020 is going to be an illness plagued year and likely a scale of SARS. And the southern sector might see more illness and Singapore is in the sector which we need to be very careful with dengue also.

So now we have Covid 19…. luckily many of my students and customers had bought mask in advance.

2020 with the earth moving between 2 bigger planets or I use the word squeezing through 2 bigger Neighbour. The energy had disrupt our earth’s energy causing relationship to take a hit. The relationship I am saying here is all forms of relationship be it friends, family, spouse, parents, in-law, working partners, colleagues etc.

So my advice is to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing better to say. And to be more forgiving towards anyone. And I did mentioned that ppl will be and feel distanced (just like now we maintaining 1m apart from one another)

This year likelihood of a war in any form might occur. And we will see a very bad economic for 2020.

This year will be a year of change and a restart year. Till now we have seen tons of changes be it politically, company, lifestyle, and many more. And I have advise ppl to embrace the change and move with the change.

Eldest son, second son and second daughter might see more problems this year especially the eldest son. So do keep them safe and if things are happening for them do come to me for remedy.

Anyone with strong metal elements of a certain level must be more careful this year. If you are one of them please drive carefully, be safe, don’t do dangerous activities, cross road with care etc. (if you doesn’t know if you are one do consider to ring me up for an appointment)

Heart issue, blood issue, liver issues and eyes issues are issues that will disturb us this year.

These are some of my predictions. Please be safe for 2020 and 2021. Both years are not going to be good. Thou 2021 we will see some good news but let’s handle 2020 first.

With the current Covid 19 I have stopped all weekly lessons and physical reiki healing. Likely to bring things online. As of now we will bring our weekly reiki healing to distance healing but we will need those who wish to join and receive this healing to indicate “Am healthy” under the comments of that post so that the healers will be able to connect you.

For my event next week for ancestors I will be doing the event with only 3-5 of my students. So if you wish to do your part to help your ancestors accumulate merits do contact me via WhatsApp.祖先功德法会/

For those who wish to know more about anything do contact me.

Meanwhile stay safe do your part and be social responsible for all your actions. Buy what is needed. If you are not feeling well cancel all your appointments and stay home after you seek medical treatment.


Dear All,

On Friday 3rd April at 8-10pm we will be doing an event to accumulate Merits for participants’ Ancestor/s. For this event we will be doing prayers and offerings for participants Ancestor.

Each name will be S$27.
(For those who wish to put their ancestor name please send me the name in Chinese)

In view of the current Covid 19 situation we will not recommend any participant to attend the event. This event will be properly executed in the most appropriate way with the help with my students. Thank you for your understanding.

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