A historic stone called Shungite, and popularly known as the ‘stone of life’  is considered as an extraordinarily positive stone that is a strong healing stone. This amazing stone contains a material called fullerenes, a powerful anti-oxidants. This material that the shungite contains can absorb and eradicate anything hazardous in the health of human life.

Meanings And Properties of Shungite

facts about shungite

Shungite [Shuhn-gahyt]: One of the ancient stones that are said to be around 2 billion years of age. It is originally found in  Shun’ga village, Onega lake, Karelia Republic, Northern Region, Russia, where it locally gets its name Shungite.

Similar to pearls physical appearance of Shungite is lustrous. But it can be also matte black mineraloid. This ancient stone manifests a non-crystalline carbon mineral foundation and has electric-conductive properties. It bears a resemblance to coal that has extraordinary water purifying effects. It has also had antibacterial properties that have been proved to be effective in the medical treatment way back in the 18th century.

Also, it possesses a carbon of over 98% by weight and is stated to contain fullerenes. Fullerenes, also called buckminsterfullerene, are carbon molecules which are powerful anti-oxidants and can purify water. Shungite stones may vary in shapes and sizes yet still utilized for their purposes.

Reasons Why You Should Use Shungite

Shungite have had been proven effective as a medical treatment since the 18th century. It is a rare and powerful stone. The fact that it is an ancient stone, shungite is entitled as a ‘’ miracle stone of life’’ for its properties.

With the said factors and studies about Shungite, this stone really possesses strong healing capacities that will help neutralize whichever organisms that are harmful inside your body.

Shungite is also capable to cure many health problems.

In spiritual clique, Shungite is well-known for its capability to protect and heal. It can purify, cure, restore, normalize, and stimulate.

So then it is considered as an extremely useful stone to have.

Shungite Benefits That You Need to Know

These stone has been proven and tested to have strong healing qualities. Shungite helps in many ways. It  is beneficial for your;

For Health and Healing

In the term of physical healings or the medicinal properties, Shungite has an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects to the human body.

In addition to that, it also has unique bactericidal properties.

Shungite helps in the treatment of various issues of the human’s immune system (this includes AIDS virus), inflammatory diseases, skin allergies and/or diseases, joint and bone problems and/or diseases, infections, muscular problems and a whole lot more.

It also normalizes metabolism if you have a metabolism deficiency/problem.

Having trouble sleeping? Shungite can improve sleep and strengthen energy levels.

Shungite are truly Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) protection stones. This stone can protect you from the hazardous EMFs coming from computers, cellphones televisions, and Wifi and some other electronic devices that we use in our daily lives.

For Wealth

If you have a business, negative energies will turn you down. Shungite shields you from negative energy. It is capable of diminishing bad vibes inside and out of your place. One of its powerful properties is to protect you.

Moreover, Shungite increases your positivity even in times of distress that are hard to deal with, especially with your financial problems. Having a calm and positive mind will help you sort out what is needed and what is not.

This stone helps you calm your buzzing mind and makes way for clarity and productivity. And we all love that word (productivity) especially when it refers to money.

This also adds up to your energy or be like an energy booster. This incredibly must be in your starter pack for a wealthy life.

For Relationship And Love

For a successful relationship, the intentions of both sides must be good and pure. This stone, Shungite purifies our emotions and deep intentions.

It also helps us improve our mental clarity, being able to see the pros and cons of decisions regarding the matters of your relationship.

One of the most important facts about shungite you need to know is that it will also protect you from the bad intentions of others causing heartaches.

Been hurt, because of the unpleasant attitudes of your partner? Shungite if work deeply, unpleasing attitudes can lead to being pleasing personalities. Having this stone, we can be more aware to embrace the good aspects and shed what is not necessarily needed for a relationship.

Believing it came from a Great Divine Spirit, this stone, Shungite promotes a happy, healthy way of living for everyone.


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Money Box 2020

money box

It time to keep some money and uses spiritual help to lure more money which my money box owner have been doing.

So many asked what is a money box:
It is a box which I will empower with crystals and other spiritual objects to enhance Ones’ wealth.

So does it benefit my health?
Sorry it will not.

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Z Stones


Z Stone or Z Stones, is the name given to the dark grey/black concretions found in the Sahara desert. The frequency of Z Stones connect to the third eye and crown chakras. They stimulate these chakras allowing one’s consciousness to open and become “aware” of other dimensions.

These stones also connect to the Earth star chakra helping to ground the higher vibrational energies, and keeping one’s consciousness “grounded” whilst “travelling” to other dimensions.

The energy of Z Stones acts as a bridge allowing one’s consciousness to travel to other dimensions and can help one to connect with elemental energies.

When working with Z Stones one needs a focussed positive intention and to remain focussed within one’s heart centre.

The energy of Z Stones acts as a bridge allowing one’s consciousness to travel to other dimensions and can help one to connect with elemental energies. When working with Z Stones one needs a focussed positive intention and to remain focussed within one’s heart centre.

Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Spiritual Connection
  • Awareness of Other Dimensions
  • Connection to Elemental Energies
  • Interdimensional Travel

Cintamani (Saffordite)


Cintamani (Saffordite)

There comes a time in one’s life when everything seems to meet a dead-end and nothing seems to work out. At such depressing times, you need something that not only helps you get back in track but also makes life pleasant and fulfilling. One such stone that is often considered to be sacred and is so rare that very few people have seen it is the Cintamani stone. Some believe that it is a mythical stone whose reference can be found in religious scriptures while others believe in its existence. Irrespective of what people believe the essence and magnitude of the stone cannot be diminished. The fact that references of Cintamani can be found in both Hindu and Buddhist literature points towards the fact that it is a gemstone that has been highly valued and respected.

The most common reference about Cintamani is that it is a gift to Earth from the skies. In fact, evidence proves that the Cintamani stone came from the Sirius star system some millions of years ago. It happened during a Galactic superwave when a planet that was orbiting Sirius A exploded and flew in all directions. Some of these fragments reached Earth after traveling through interstellar space. The stone is so rare that throughout history and mythology only a handful of people have been known to possess it. Great men, gods, and goddesses have adorned themselves with the Cintamani, elevating the mythical nature of the stone.

Many believe that everything related to Cintamani is an only legend and there is no concrete fact to prove the existence of the stone. However, descriptions of Cintamani show its similarity to other well-known gemstones such as moldavite. Cintamani is believed to be a green-colored stone that fell from the skies. Moldavite too is a similar-colored stone that was formed as a result of meteoric impacts. Since there wasn’t any understanding about meteors in ancient times, meteoric impacts were probably viewed as mystical events. This could be the case with Cintamani and its constant relation with mysticism.

Healing Properties

There are essentially two aspects of Cintamani that one must understand. One is its physical attribute and the other is its healing attributes. Any physical description of the stone directs towards the fact that it is an ordinary stone that is green in color. But it is its mythical powers that are much more attractive and compelling.

It is believed that if one owns a Cintamani, he will reach a higher state of being – a place where he will be above all. There have been ample comparisons between Cintamani, Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail just for this reason. In fact, there have been many theories that state that these three things are one and the same. It is believed that whoever has possessed even a small portion of Cintamani has ruled the world, attained an almost immortal state.

Cintamani is the stone with the highest vibration of all stones known. It awakens you to your mission, strenghthens your inner guidance and contact with your higher self, and dissolves implants and outdated belief systems.

More on it…


In Buddhism the Chintamani is said to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky (many terma fell from the sky in caskets) during the reign of king Lha Thothori Nyantsen of Tibet. 

Though the king did not understand the purpose of the objects, he kept them in a position of reverence. 

Several years later, two mysterious strangers appeared at the court of the king, explaining the four relics, which included the Buddha’s bowl (possibly a Singing Bowl) and a mani stone with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra inscribed on it. 

These few objects were the bringers of the Dharma to Tibet.

The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism‘s ruyizhu entry says:

Said to be obtained from the dragon-king of the sea, or the head of the great fish, Makara, or the relics of a Buddha.

Lunar 7th Month

Lunar 7th Month will start on 19th Aug 2020. Many will start preparing to do offering to the spirits while some will be doing merits for their parents.

This lunar 7th month due to Covid we will be doing light offerings for your parents instead of the usual Lotus offering to prevent mass gathering. During the month we will have our students coming to do prayers.

You may light a Full month candle or a half month candle for your parents or any elder in the family. And there is candles also available for departed love ones too.

Candle Offerings Energy Exchange:
1) Full Month @$250
2) Half Month @$150
For the candle you may wish to offer the above mentioned candle for your parents however if one of them had departed you will need to do a separate candle for each and if both departed 2 candles will be needed for this. You may msg me for more clarification.

Or you might want to do some merits for the wanderings spirits which we will be doing during this period. We welcome any amount for this cause. Please let me know before 16th Aug 2020.

Below are some of my previous post on 7th month,