Chanting Lesson

Every Thur 8-10pm We are conducting chanting lesson at our centre. Many thinks chanting is merely recitation of words and its boring… It’s true!!! To many it is really boring as they did not accept the energy of the great Guru Rinpoche and did not allow themselves to experience miracles and worst closing the door to changes towards the good. Some will say only highly trained personnel will experience the so call miracles in life but… in our chanting group many first timer experience changes and the so call miracles…


Well no one can force you to accept the correct path as each individual have their own views, thoughts and Karmic influence and many a times these karmic forces will try their best to lure you away.

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Its really up to each individual on their own path if your current path is well and good may I congrats you… but if your isn’t as smooth why not make a change let us guide you towards a brighter path getting out of your dreadful situation.

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We are here to provide you with the guiding light but are you willing to believe and have faith and follow the light………………