More for 2022

As promised I will be updating on the second half of 2022.

Likely to expect some turbulence in the next half of the year.

Major natural disasters is expected. Can see huge flood or water related issues. Not forgetting the volcanos and earthquake.

Food issue as mentioned during the main forecast for 2022. More of such will be expected and some had already happened. So keep some food at home. Don’t waste food. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Cut down meat intake.

Illness is expected. So be ready for it. Although many places are opened and mask is no longer required for many places. I strongly recommend you to keep wearing your mask and keep the good hygiene.

Economic Market might only be able to be stable only after the next eclipse so meanwhile investing to hold is recommended. Invest only with spare money please.

Fights and war will not end anytime soon. So those places which I had previously mentioned please try to avoid.

There is a sign of emotional problem seen and from the reading it seems to be huge groups of emotional unstable ppl gathering creating problem. For each self I strongly recommend you to meditate more and keep track on your own emotional and those around you. Spend more time in the nature, the sun, the water etc. Do more self cleansing or come for reiki while my practitioners will help you.

Messy energy is expected so do more cleansing not just the space but also cleansing within each self. Spread more love and be kind to all.

Unknown force (energy) entering our space. Can’t give more details as yet.

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