Dear All,

On Friday 5-7th April we will be doing an event for participants’ Ancestors(祖先功德法会). For this event we will be doing prayers and offerings for participants Ancestor to give merits to them.

Each name will be S$40.
(For those who wish to put their ancestor name please send me the name in Chinese)

This event will be properly executed in the most appropriate way with the help of my students. Thank you for your kind understanding. Participants will not require to attend this event.

Merit-making is important to Buddhist practice: merit brings good and agreeable results, determines the quality of the next life and contributes to a person’s growth towards enlightenment. Merit making for a deceased loved one will help the deceased in their new existence.

For more details pls msg me. Thanks.

Blessing of money box

Blessing of Money Box will be on 5 Feb 5-9pm.
For all Money Box owner please come with your money box and get it energize with more positive energy.
Please check on https://cixuanasia.com/2020/08/20/money-box-2020/ for more details on money box.

During the blessing you will also have chance to do a prayer to seek blessing from 天官大帝。
For more information pls msg me. Thanks.

You may also bring your 天禄 for blessing and bring back all those 2022 pouches. It’s also a chance to try to check for your affinity with the 2023 pouch.

Prediction 2023

As usual posting my prediction for 2023.

2023 will be a difficult year as we might likely see few major incidents and the world likely to see big mess, and more War.

Firstly, where to avoid around the world
I recommend avoiding Europe, South and North Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Africa, India and South America.

We might see a breakup situation in Europe with countries having issues with each other. We might also see some Drama in certain country and also some protest within. France might have protest. UK seeing a dark moment.

South/North Korea
Likely North will strike some nuclear and create some problems within the region.

We might see some heated fights or even invasion this year. Another thing we should becareful is the Magnitude 7+ earthquake.

We might see Magnitude 7+ earthquake and also be weary of Mount Fuji.

Australia/New Zealand/US/Philippines
Natural Disaster likely to strike this year. Magnitude 7+ earthquake.

It’s another messy year for them and we might see some action from and within.

Likely pressing the depressing button to end the world.

Likely to see some illness and food chain breakage.

Year full of earthquake. We are expecting Major ones this year. Please avoid those places stated above.

Yes you read it correctly… Nuclear issue… Likely N.Korea Iran might toy with this and Russia likely to use this in their current war. So please avoid those regions. Please go read up on nuclear warfare issue if you still think that it will not affect you.

Food Shortage
World going into a famine state. We are just taking things for granted and many parts of the world are already seeing this food shortage. Famine is expected from April onwards so please keep some food at home and do not waste food.

North and South pole are melting rapidly the ice turns water flowing into our ocean. 150 unknown bacteria and 4 ancient illness were found during sampling testing. So eat at your own risk.

New Illness
Likely we going to see some new illness coming. Please wear your mask as another huge wave is coming.

Animal Issue
Animal will be a problem for us in 2023.

Please check your heart if you are not doing so! This year we likely seeing plenty of sudden death.

Spiritual Issue
2023 is quite a negative year. Please keep your positive mindset and keep changes as a daily way of life. This year we might also see plenty of lost souls.

For Practitioner, please do more homework and spread your love to those around you. Be the beacon of light for those you know.

This……. 8%….. (check your own spending you know what I mean)

Energy raw material
Invest in Gold and Oil

Change in Power
Likely going to see some power shifting and political change

New Female
Congrats to all female! your time has come! From 2023 till the next 20 years female likely going to see an increase in luck. Guys don’t worry you still have me around to help you.

Extreme weather/Huge fire/Heatwave
Mother earth is sick. We are seeing plenty of odd and weird weather. Huge fire is expected.
Stones from above likely to fall. This will create a HUGE impact to earth.
Get ready for 2 extreme weather.

Let’s face it. This is already here. Please keep your job. Likely we are going to see plenty of depression case and MORE mental and emotional issues people.

桃花劫/Sexual issue
Please be more careful. Especially Eldest married daughter.

Gossip and scandal year so please just keep your mouth shut. Let anything that comes to you ends with you.

Please open your eyes when signing any document and don’t get involve with illegal stuff.

Look out for Dad and Mum
Please look out for their health. Check on dad’s heart and be careful of stroke. Check on mum’s female issue.

March 2023
In march we likely going to see few major incident. (Market crash/war/fights/Disaster)

Assassination of an important figure. I don’t know who so please don’t ask me cause even if I know I can’t tell you.

Flood is expected for 2023 just hoping the dam don’t fall.

Look out for Kidney/Heart/Blood/Head/Respiratory/Legs
Do a check on heart

Find your south of your house. Clean it up. Add some auspicious items to improve your money luck.

Above is my prediction for 2023. Sincerely hope all these predicted don’t happen. Let’s stay health and practice more kindness. Spread more love to those around you.

2023 开工日


19th Jan 2023

Not for those born in year of Monkey

Alternative date: 15th Jan


Best day to start is 27th Jan

Not for those born in year of Rabbit

Alternative date: 2nd Feb

Not for those born in year of Chicken

If the above 2 dates are not feasible, then 30th Jan

Not for those born in year of Horse

2023 candle

2023 seems to be a difficult year ahead with disasters, mess and war etc.

Therefore I will be doing a candle for blessing. This candle will be individual so per candle per name. If interested pls send me the names. Each candles will be $54 each.

Candle will be lighted on 1st Jan 2023.

Glaucophane 蓝闪石

Glaucophane (蓝闪石)

Glaucophane lifts the spirit, and helps to lighten the mood. A stone that encourages a positive attitude, as well as instilling feelings of peace and of harmony within.

This is a stone that helps the being to function day to day, on all levels of the self. Glaucophane helps to open up the mentor and the guide within, as well encouraging the exploration and use of self-fulfilling prophecy. However, Glaucophane teaches that this must be followed with a true heart filled with positivism.

A stone that can help the being function harmoniously on all levels of the self, not only with day to day life, but also when obstacles and challenges arrive, so that the best outcome can be achieved if desired.

Glaucophane brings sparkle to the aura and gently raises the vibrational level of the being, and of its surroundings. This is a stone that neutralizes anger and replaces pessimism with optimism.

Also, Glaucophane brings out the healer in the being, and can be a helpful support to those who practice natural healing techniques regularly.

A stone that resonates well throughout all the energy centers, but especially focuses on the Root, Heart and Throat. Glaucophane can help to bring resolution to any upset within the focused area, whether it is on a spiritual level or a physical level.

This is a stone to help in the easing and clearing of depression, low moods, anxiety, panic attacks and nervousness. Alongside this, Glaucophane can improve the daily living function of the being who lives with disability such as Multiple Sclerosis, Bi-polar, Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Narcolepsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and alike. 

This stone can also improve the health of the skin, hair, eyes and nails, and also of the teeth and bones. Glaucophane relaxes tense muscles and helps to improve flexibility, as well as improving the metabolism and liver function. Glaucophane is useful for treating dyslexia and memory recall. It can also be used in achieving restful sleep.

A stone that can be a support to the being that can be emotionally sensitive, insecure or low in self-esteem. Glaucophane brings grounding, confidence and courage.

Where there is loss of appetite in different areas of life, this stone can be of great help by stimulating and encouraging the mind, body and spirit to function as one, with optimism, positivism and vitality.

Glaucophane can help in bringing back the sparkle to the being overall, this in turn will be seen as a positive effect throughout all levels of the self, as well as creating positive changes where necessary, and also attracting positive blessings towards the self.

This stone teaches the being how to function well through life, rather than falling or stumbling through life.

Glaucophane can also be helpful when one is blocked from finding a solution to a problem.

Glaucophane promotes the expression of spiritual ideals activating visionary symbolism from the spiritual realm.

Naga event 2022

Finally had the chance to bring ppl for this event. Thank you for your support for naga event.

This is the 10 over times we did naga offering event. Time flies…. can still remember those days using 12 pax bum boat to now. Very glad to see my very dear ‘OLD’ buddies from the very beginning and seeing me grow. 我们的初心没变!对龙王的心也没变过。Upholding my vow toward naga.

Today 8 more students took up Naga vow. May we have the ability and hold strong faith towards helping naga till the end of time. And hopes those vow takers do what you should and uphold your vow.

During today’s event we had offered 400 kg of crystals plus tons of herbs and plenty of other items to naga.

地藏本愿经,药师经 and 普门品 was also recited by my disciples to benefit naga and all participants.

May all naga be healed. May all be healthy.

Below are some pics for this event.

Medicine Buddha event

Finally completed Medicine Buddha event 2022. To many it’s a one day event but to practitioner for this event it seems like few month preparation. Thank you for your contribution towards this event. Thank you for coming to this event.

Thanks all my student for your help one way or another. Together we achieve higher goals.

May all be blessed.

Naga offering 2022

The long awaited naga offering (龙王法会) is finally coming on 30th October 2022.

As many knows that this is one of my strongest protector and has been doing this offering for more than a decade.

This offering was plan after knowing how 2023 will be therefore I hope that with this we could do our tiny bit to make 2023 less disruptive towards mankind or at least to you.

This event will happen on 30th October 2022 1-3pm. Energy exchange per pax will be $96. And there will be a few extra items to offer other than the usual herbs, crystal etc.

So who should attend this event?

All naga practitioners. Those who wants good wealth and health.

What is expected during this event?

We will meet at 12.15 noon at marina south pier and at 1pm sharp boat will be leaving. After getting on we will be doing prayers follow by offerings lead by my students.

Notes for attendees.

1) please be on time

2) please come in white top

3) please be on vegetarian, refrain from smoking and drinking of alcohol from 29 Oct 11pm till event ends.

4) please do not wear any make up or any perfume etc

5) please come with a pure heart

To register pls msg me to secure a place as seats are very limited. All payment to be done prior event so that we will not need to do any collection on the actual day to smoothen the process.

Can one still do offering if I couldn’t attend?

Yes. We will help you offering the pack.

What are the extra items available and how much?

1) 龙王解脱石

This is to relief and aid naga of any problems or situations they have. Each stone is at $18 (1 name)

2) 龙王法珠

Offering of this will give naga extra energy in which they might fulfill your wish. (Only for attendees) Each pack will be $72.

Sorry for the short notice. All booking will close on 27 Oct so that we could prepare the items. Seats are first come first serve.

Thank you for your time.

May you be safe.