Like what I always say life is all about choices…

So its really about making the right choices not one time two time but all the time… But many a times what seems right choice might turn out not so right and some awful choices infact aid us best…

2015 is coming to an end very soon, I hope all of us can spend some time to look through our own 2015 and check if the choices you made so far is good and those not so good what is the lesson learned etc… 2016 will be a new year and with it comes choices yet again and sincerely hope all will benefit from the choices made be it good or bad…
Many a times we will come to a point with many direction but constraint with only 1-2 moves so we will need to make the best out of it.
For those who wish to know more about what’s in store for you. You may start booking for 2016 reading @$68 per pax. And for those who wants to check for wealth/health/career/love for 2016 you may also book a session @$$68 for any 2 (wealth/health/career/love etc). Some of you might only wants to have a message for 2016 which I am glad to do it for you @$50 per session.

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