Reading result for 2016

How is your 2015? Hope you are well…

As we move nearer to 2016 therefore I did a reading and this is the results,
IMG_9868 IMG_9873
2016 is not as bad as it seems in certain senses but overall is a below average year. 2016 will be a test of faith to many and will also open its doors to cultivators just hope cultivators open and enter the correct one. Its a Karmic year with many people clearing their debts. People will lose their sense of stability and many will be emotionally affected. Perhaps we could all be a lookout for one another and quickly alert them when you sense their emotional rocking. Those who felt emotional unstable should do more meditation, do more grounding or comes for our healing session. Cultivators must follow right path, remove stubbornness, need to talk(spread dharma) and do more.

2016 is a year of metal however the fiery elements comes along therefore the finance sectors should be on a lookout. With the reading its confirms a point that monetary issue will be a big problem. Finance market will be bad economic downturn is expected. Money is all outside from my reading therefore strongly advise all to plan well.  Western finance will be a worry as debts piles up. ‘Giants’ will change hands. Investment must be careful. Currency war is expected with certain currency dropping till a scary point.

Human right’s issue will be more severe. War will be expected. Lots of wrong speech, actions, beliefs and communication will be expected. There will be strange phenomenon happenings. A group of people will go missing. More fire is expected. Religion will be in chaos as active group of cult will start spreading wrong teaching in name of religion. In 2016 a fall of a religion leader is expected.

2016 is a year we will see more marriages and more people will be attached. As 2016 the external energy is not as good therefore One should have good energy within. Do eat less pork or avoid contact with pigs as there might be certain issues with them.(Of course be a Vegetarian will be the best) Any person with lots of ‘Tiger’ element should also take note.
IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872
Advise: Stubbornness causes error, Communication is essential (however do take note on your speeches), Dragons can be a good remedy for the year 2016, Understand and Practice Ones’  四无量心 (为诸众生除无利益,是名大慈;欲与众生无量利乐,是名大悲;于诸众生心生欢喜,是名大喜;自舍己乐施与他人,是名大舍。)

Please spread your love to all and remain calm at all times……

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