Medicine Buddha

药师琉璃光王如来、又作大医王佛、医王善逝、十二愿王。为东方净琉璃世界之教主。药师佛面相慈善,仪态庄严, 身蓝琉璃宝色,身穿佛衣,坦胸露右臂,右手膝前执尊胜诃子果枝,左手脐药师琉璃光如来前捧佛钵,钵中娤满甘露。光遍照菩萨与月光遍照菩萨同为药师佛的二大胁士。

Medicine Buddha, is seated on a lotus and moon cushion. His body is in the nature of deep blue light, the colour of lapis lazuli. He is adorned with silk robes and magnificent jewel ornaments.

His left hand is in the meditation mudra, resting in his lap and holding a lapis-coloured begging bowl filled with medicine nectar that cures all ills, hindrances and obstacles.

His right hand rests upon his knee with palm facing outward in the mudra granting blessing and holds the stem of a myrobalan plant (a-ru-ra) between thumb and forefinger. This plant represents all the best medicines because of its effectiveness in treating mental and physical diseases.

On his left is the Sunlight Bodhisattva, symbolizing the light of the sun. On his right is the Moonlight Bodhisattva, symbolizing the light of moon.

2014 Medicine Buddha Puja will be held in The Light of Life Meditation Centre on 22 Oct 2014 (Wed), 12pm.
Blk 3 Beach Rd, #01-4825.

Together, we will make our sincere prayers to Medicine Buddha through our offerings and mantra chanting. This puja will helps to clear and avert obstacles due to sicknesses and diseases.

Event is open to public. Do register your interest(thru myself) to attend as seats are limited. Thanks.

Things to note:
– Attendees be seated before 12pm.
– Attendees can bring along their medication to be blessed.
– Attendees must to be on strict vegetarian i.e. no egg / milk / no meat, starting from 11pm on 21 Oct.

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