Naga event 2022

Finally had the chance to bring ppl for this event. Thank you for your support for naga event.

This is the 10 over times we did naga offering event. Time flies…. can still remember those days using 12 pax bum boat to now. Very glad to see my very dear ‘OLD’ buddies from the very beginning and seeing me grow. 我们的初心没变!对龙王的心也没变过。Upholding my vow toward naga.

Today 8 more students took up Naga vow. May we have the ability and hold strong faith towards helping naga till the end of time. And hopes those vow takers do what you should and uphold your vow.

During today’s event we had offered 400 kg of crystals plus tons of herbs and plenty of other items to naga.

地藏本愿经,药师经 and 普门品 was also recited by my disciples to benefit naga and all participants.

May all naga be healed. May all be healthy.

Below are some pics for this event.

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