Naga offering 2022

The long awaited naga offering (龙王法会) is finally coming on 30th October 2022.

As many knows that this is one of my strongest protector and has been doing this offering for more than a decade.

This offering was plan after knowing how 2023 will be therefore I hope that with this we could do our tiny bit to make 2023 less disruptive towards mankind or at least to you.

This event will happen on 30th October 2022 1-3pm. Energy exchange per pax will be $96. And there will be a few extra items to offer other than the usual herbs, crystal etc.

So who should attend this event?

All naga practitioners. Those who wants good wealth and health.

What is expected during this event?

We will meet at 12.15 noon at marina south pier and at 1pm sharp boat will be leaving. After getting on we will be doing prayers follow by offerings lead by my students.

Notes for attendees.

1) please be on time

2) please come in white top

3) please be on vegetarian, refrain from smoking and drinking of alcohol from 29 Oct 11pm till event ends.

4) please do not wear any make up or any perfume etc

5) please come with a pure heart

To register pls msg me to secure a place as seats are very limited. All payment to be done prior event so that we will not need to do any collection on the actual day to smoothen the process.

Can one still do offering if I couldn’t attend?

Yes. We will help you offering the pack.

What are the extra items available and how much?

1) 龙王解脱石

This is to relief and aid naga of any problems or situations they have. Each stone is at $18 (1 name)

2) 龙王法珠

Offering of this will give naga extra energy in which they might fulfill your wish. (Only for attendees) Each pack will be $72.

Sorry for the short notice. All booking will close on 27 Oct so that we could prepare the items. Seats are first come first serve.

Thank you for your time.

May you be safe.



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