Medicine Buddha 2022

Medicine Buddha Puja 2022

On 24th Oct 2022 we will be doing Medicine Buddha Event.

We invite all who wish to join the event to come any time from 5-7pm.
Those who wish to come please let me know so that we can have a rough estimation of the crowd. Please note that we required all participants to wear mask for this event.

We will be doing up a full Medicine Buddha Mandala and we will be reciting medicine buddha’s mantra and sutra. 2023 we might see More health issue and likely to have a new disease attacking us so it will be good to attend this event to ask for good health. We highly recommend you do merits for your family especially your parents.

(A) Candles Offering during event day
7 days candle – $50 (Family, Business, Couple, Individual etc)
5 days candle – $30 (Couple, Individual)

These candles will be offer on behalf during the event. Preorder required.

(B) Offering of incense during event day
This incense will used during Medicine Buddha event.
Type 1- $10 (For health)
Type 2- $28 (For health and reduce karmic)

Please note that the incense will be burn on behalf.

(C) Flower Offering
Flower set – $15 (per set) (limited sets available)

Flower set will be offer during the event.

(D) Rice Offering
Rice- $10 per pack (can bring home)
Rice- $50 per pack (to be use for the upcoming Naga event)

Rice will be offer during the event.

For this event we will be setting up the altar on 16 Oct 2022 and my students we will be doing 7 days prayers prior to the actual event day. We will also open up the chance for you to get involved by doing the following offerings,

(E) Offerings
7 Day Candle- $70 (This candle will be lighted on the first day after setting up the altar)
1 Day Candle- $10 (Per day 14 will be lighted)
Fruits Offering- $30 (7 sets available)
Offering of incense- $30 (21 sets available)

Item used during retreat.

(F) Stupa Offering
药师舍利塔 $168 (black 1 available)
药师舍利塔 $238 (blue 2 available)
药师舍利塔 $288 (brown 1 available)
尊胜佛母舍利塔 $238 (1 available)
绿度母舍利塔 $138 (6 available)
佛陀舍利塔 $108 (6 available)

These Stupa are physical item for you to bring back to offer after the event. Limited quantities available.

(G) Wearable
Lapis Lazuli Mala Beads- $238 (Blessed during the 7 days prayers)
Wealth Pill Amulet- $188 (2 available)
Medicine Buddha charm- $18 (limited available)

These Items are physical item for you to bring back to wear after the event. Limited quantities available.

For more information, please contact me direct. Thanks.


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