2022 prediction

I started my yearly prediction journey since few years ago and I am still enjoying the process to seek more information from the universe.

Many of the predictions had hit us hard and many a times this leaves me with a mix feeling. On one hand I am happy that things I predicted had came true but on the other hand I am extremely unhappy that ppl need to suffer from the predicted incidents.

Still remember vividly going to my first UK trip excitedly telling my UK brother about massive illness and how the world will be like for 2020. And Covid came hitting us and the world comes to a halt as predicted.

And an even further prediction years ago that something will go missing that year which we saw MH disappeared.

2021 was a rather difficult year for many and many of the predicted had happen ranging for the plenty of floods, earthquakes, volcano eruption, massive snow, Covid still a mainstream issue, emotional issues, food shortages etc.

In 2021 prediction I mentioned that 2022 seems a better year. Of recent the information receive including the most updated after the lunar eclipse my prediction remains 2022 will be a slightly better year.

My humble prediction for 2022 as follows. For those who already done your reading you may go through again as there is a little update.

Avoid these countries. India Nepal Iran Africa S.America China N.Korea

1) Major natural disasters

Major natural disasters remains a major threat for 2022. We likely see plenty of floods etc

2) War

War is likely to breakout in various parts of the world. Actually this could be seen by now when I post this.

3) food issue/shortage

Famine! This was said many times and I strongly advise to not waste food. Plenty of places were hit by famine. Don’t be complacent just because we are in Singapore.

4) animal issue

Animal issue remains a problem in 2022 and 2023. Millions of animals were lost in 2021. Micro bacteria were found in those breakaway iceberg so pls avoid seafood. Or should we follow North Korea to rear rabbit for their meat as recommended by their government. Hello!!! Be kind to animals go vegetarian!

5) shut down/change of tradition/new force

Likely something will goes into history and we likely see big company closing. New stuff will appear and new joint forces likely to be seen.

6) economic movement

US and Europe will see a drop. Debt issue will be put on the hotplate again.

7) death/killing/replacement

Likely an important figure will be gone in 2022. Or an important figure likely to be replaced either by death or change in governance.

8) energy issue raw materials issue

We had already seen energy issues like parts of China US had not enough electricity. More energy issue will be seen in 2022 and we might see weaker signals on network.

9) Fire issue

Fire, bombing, forest fire are some things we can see in 2022. So beware of fire.

10) Covid

This remains a headache for most of us. And yes Covid will be with us and likely bringing more ‘friends’ disturbing us. And likely to see some hit that will target on vaccinated person.

11) health issue

Look out for spleen/stomach/liver/throat/respiratory symptoms

12) health of mum

Look out for health of all mother. Especially female issue.

13) China

China likely to be hit by natural disasters and also likely to have uproar within. It’s not a peaceful year for them in 2022. Many inner issue will surface.

14) 小人/是非/绯闻/桃花

For those singles!! It’s your year to find love so open your heart give chance to ppl and yourself to find a companion. Never find the right one! BE THE RIGHT ONE!

It’s also a year full of 小人是非绯闻 so watch out on your actions.

From now till may 2022 likely will be a headache and likely June onwards will be better (I hope) more updates will be posted once I get any. Come December 2021 likely some snips of stuff will start to fall on us.

Booking of appointment for yearly review had started and thank you all for your support. More slots are made available in Jan if you didn’t get any in December.

Please stay safe. Be kind. Turn the dharma wheel and spread love. Be at peace. Meditate.

May all be well.

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