Yearly Review for 2022

Congratulation to you surviving 3 tricky years. (19/20/21)

2021 is not an easy year for many people and death could be seen everywhere. My humble prediction for 2021 was a hit once again. Sincerely hope that those who had visited me was well prepared for your 2021.

So in general is 2022 going to be a good year?
Finally after some many year we could see a SLIGHTLY better year ahead. But this will only happen after xxx of 2022. So from now till xxx we still have to bite on.

2022 is a water wood year. So for those who needs these 2 element it will be a year which you could make use of these 2 given energy.

Prediction for 2022?
As usual more on 2022 will be posted nearer to the date.

Booking starts 31 Oct 2021. Per session will be $96.

Life is about choices so its up to you……

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