Medicine Buddha 2021

On 4th Nov we will be doing Medicine Buddha Event. Due to COVID situation we will be doing a closed door event with my students. However you may still join the event by offering candles/flowers or offering of banners.

We will be doing up a full Medicine Buddha Mandala and we will be reciting medicine buddha’s mantra and sutra. As we could see some issues with mother’s health for 2022 therefore we will give merits to all mothers for their good health. And we will highly recommend you to do merits for your parents.


(A) Candles Offering
7 days candle – $50 (Family, Business, Couple, Individual etc) (12 left)
5 days candle – $30 (Couple, Individual) (24 available)
1 day candle – $10 (Individual) (12 left)

These candles will be offered during the event. Preorder required.


(B) Banner Offering (幡)
These Banner will used during every Medicine Buddha event.
十二药叉大将幡 – $108 (each) (4 available)
八大菩萨幡 – $108 (each) (taken)
日光月光菩萨幡 – $138 (each) (taken)

The banner will be used to represent the named deities. These banner will be used yearly during event with your name. Please note that the banner will not be given to you.

(C) Flower Offering
Flower set – $10 (per set) (limited sets available)

Flower set will be offered during the event.

(D) Statues Offering
长寿佛 – $27 per name (30 slots available)
尊胜佛母 – $45 per name (10 slots available)
白度母 – $36 per name (20 slots available)

Please note that the statues will be offer in Centre.

(E) Stupa Offering
药师塔 $238
佛顶尊胜陀罗尼塔 $188
白度母舍利塔 taken
莲师舍利塔 $158
舍利塔 $100

Newly added

长寿佛塔 $158

These Stupa are physical item for you to bring back to offer. Limited quantities available.

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