Thank you

Thank you all for the offerings.

May all be at peace be safe be healthy.

For those who got the sacred items earlier please use it well. This item gives out very pure energy which feels like the earthly energy. Item A and C gives quite strong uplifting energy while B gives very powerful grounding energy.

So what can the wearer gets from?

It will bring u great aura cleansing not just the outer but emitting pure loving energy from within. It will helps wearer in their career, business, health, speech, mental stability etc. It also gives wearer positive affirmation on your thoughts and great protection especially while in nature.

This item was also empowered with guru’s energy earlier during the event so please treasure it and use it well.

Hold it during meditation or while doing spiritual stuff and enjoy the energy.

Please do not reveal to others what item it is and let it remain a mystery between us.

PS: please do not ask me what it is or wish to purchase the item as u have missed your chance this year.

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