Offering of Candle

I have limited candles for offering at S$128 per name. This candle will be light on 3rd Feb and depending on individual this candle might last 8-11 days.

So what is the purpose for this candle?

This candle will be able to increase Ones’ health, wealth, break of obstacle and many more.

And I have choose to do it on Lichun so that everyone will have a better year and to brighter up the year despite all the unpleasant stuff happening. This candle will also be lighted through the period 9-11 Feb which we will see major incident (please see my other post for more details for this).

So the candle is for personal or family?

The candle will be for individual therefore please send me the name and birth date. I have tried asking to do as a family but was rejected by my Boss.

Due to small shop space so only limited candle will be made available so for those interested please get your early. Thanks.

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