Lunar 7th Month

Lunar 7th Month will start on 19th Aug 2020. Many will start preparing to do offering to the spirits while some will be doing merits for their parents.

This lunar 7th month due to Covid we will be doing light offerings for your parents instead of the usual Lotus offering to prevent mass gathering. During the month we will have our students coming to do prayers.

You may light a Full month candle or a half month candle for your parents or any elder in the family. And there is candles also available for departed love ones too.

Candle Offerings Energy Exchange:
1) Full Month @$250
2) Half Month @$150
For the candle you may wish to offer the above mentioned candle for your parents however if one of them had departed you will need to do a separate candle for each and if both departed 2 candles will be needed for this. You may msg me for more clarification.

Or you might want to do some merits for the wanderings spirits which we will be doing during this period. We welcome any amount for this cause. Please let me know before 16th Aug 2020.

Below are some of my previous post on 7th month,



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