“The Stone of Transformation“
BISMUTH is a man-made stone that facilitates the meditative state of oneness and allows us to experience true serenity and bliss. It is knowin to help the transition from the physical plane to the astral realm/spiritual realm.
BISMUTH helps the body adjust to higher vibrations
BISMUTH is associated with all of the 7 major Chakras. The energy entering in through the Crown Chakra is filtered through each Chakra and then grounded into the Earth via the Root chakra.   
BISMUTH is associated with the power of wisdom and without a doubt wisdom will be attained 

CHAKRA(s): All

• Healing
• Transformation
• Grounding

• Against Radiation

• Focus
• Visualization
• Shamanic Journey’s
• Assurance
• Cohesiveness
• Astral Projection
• Transformation
• Bliss
• Organization
• Regeneration
• Spiritual Development
• Physical Vitality
• Conscious Awareness

• Relieves feelings of loneliness and isolation
• Helps adapt to change
• Encourages us to work with others as a group
• Helps us cope with big changes
• Aids in fortifying relationships
• Clears the biological field
• Prevents from becoming overwhelmed
• Provides support during transformation

• Reduce Fevers
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Aspergers
• Reduces Catatonic Sate

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