Medicine Buddha

On 27 Oct 2019 I will like to get liked minded practitioners to get together and we will chant Medicine Buddha Mantra.

During this event you can also do light offerings(different types of light offering will be available) and purchase of blessed items.

Who to attend?
Anyone who wish to join this hours long event. Please expect to sit on the floor.

When is it?
27/10/2019@12noon to 7pm

Where is it held?
It will be at 永乐轩

What exactly we doing?
Chanting of Medicine Buddha Mantra

What to wear?
Wear comfortably and for practitioners please wear white T-shirt

How to attend?
Please let me know so that I can arrange… And pls see impt notes for more details.

Impt note
For this event please be on vegetarian diet from 25 Oct @11pm till end of event.
Tea-break will be provided if I can find a sponsor.



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