Vesak Day Celebration 2019

Dear All,

On 19th May we will be having our Vesak Day event from 3-6pm. We will be doing 35 Buddha Repentance Prayer.

Merits of 35 Buddha Repentance Prayer
Respectfully prostrate to the Buddha & Bodhisattvas to eliminate all my faults and obstacles, and dedicate all the merits towards attainment of Buddhahood.

During this event you can also do light offerings, incense offerings, food donation, and purchase of blessed items.

Who to attend?
Anyone who wish to join this 3 hours long event. Please expect to sit on the floor.

When is it?

Where is it held?
It will be at 神帥居.

What exactly we doing?
35 Buddha Repentance Prayer, Chanting, Sharing etc.

How to attend?
Just come…


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