Ways to develop calmness

  • Have a good morning. Many of us rush through our morning and started our day in a stressful manner therefore try to change this habit and if possible do a little bit of breathing exercise, have a good breakfast with no rush, do meditation or give yourself a little uplifting energy saying to oneself “It’s a good day ahead”
  • Learn to watch response. When things do happen learn to be aware of the situation and also your responses towards the situation. If you jump into action do think through before you act.
  • Don’t take things personal. Have an open mind and don’t let things go personal. Learn to see things in different perspective. Perhaps what he/she doing is the best they could and in the best of everyone’s interest.
  • Be grateful. Tons of people are talking about being grateful giving gratitude but often this does not happen when one fell into anger, sadness etc. Drop yur complaints and find ways to be grateful for everything. Smile and move on.
  • Create stress coping habits. Many of us will cope stress with food, eating junks, procrastinating on social media, drinking or even taking drugs. Replace it with drinking tea, exercise, meditation, taking a walk, talking to someone who cares etc.



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