Earth Day Event

Earth Day(22nd April 2016)

We have been taking a lot from mother earth and nobody knows how many more Earth day could we celebrate with the mass destruction of nature. I hope everyone do our part to save the Earth.

On that day when we celebrate earth day, I will run an event to give gratitude to Mother earth and also a simple empowering meditation to help Mother earth. Event will be guided and all necessary items will be prepared for for you. So basically you attend the event with an open mind and an open heart. As you are required to sit on nature provides therefore please wear long track pants of such and also you are required to do some walking therefore wearing a pair of good walking shoes will be good.

Event will be on 22 April 2016 (Friday) at 7-10pm. Meet up place to be confirm but definitively outdoor. Each individual will cost $27. Limited slots only.

To sign up please email or contact me direct 90401072. Closing of registration will be on 15 April 2016.  For any queries please feel free to contact me. Thanks.



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