Reading result for 2015

2015 will not be a smooth year for many and the chess reading had shown quite a number of signs,

People will get easily confused, many people will not be able to delivery their promises, people getting more stubborn and there will be relationship issues between both gender. So pls note……

From the reading there is signs of changing of power ‘shifting of power’ in the economic world. Economic downturn is expected. Female disease is expected. (Pls seek medical attention for those who are not feeling well… Dont wait!) Seafood poisoning is expected. (Pls eat less seafood or best go on vegetarian meals) A up and coming “not-so-right” group is coming up and they will be coming to the market fiercely and they will be a big problem for the current society. There will be more riots, law suits, confrontational issues, conflicts and war. (So pls be very careful where you heading in 2015)

There will be environmental imbalance so we can expect flood, earthquakes, volcano eruption, mountains falling etc…

IMG_3592From this reading we could also see the lack of compassion and a hostile situation will arise. There will be delusion around. Western side will face fights, war, riots,  etc… Southern might have human rights issue… Eastern side might see a change as ppl gaining power while some drop all the way… Overall this year is really going to be a good test for all of us…

Please spread your love to all and remain calm at all times……

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