Remedy Candles

As what the title suggest, remedy candles are your solution to counter the problems you are facing now! There are a total of 5 different types of remedy candles which have been empowered by our spiritual masters in which they have sealed up the energy within the candle; the powerful empowerment will be released upon lighting up the candle – an easy and convenient way to bring in what you want into your life!


Health (white)
This is a powerful remedy candle that helps to aid in physical and spiritual healing. This candle helps you to heal the body, mind and emotions and to enhance your aura with the energy within the candle.

General (yellow)
A powerful remedy candle that can be used for any situation where you need enhancement in all areas of your life or that when you just need a think of positive back into your life!

Relationship (red)
This powerful remedy candle can be used for drawing in love and to strength relationship. No matter what kind of love you are trying to draw in whether it’s for family, spice up a relationship, marriage, friendship, this remedy candle will be perfect for you.

Banish (black)
This is an extremely powerful remedy candle that can get rid of negative energy, cleanses the environment, restores good energy, purifies and helps to banish unwanted obstacles and/or people or situations. It can change the overall energy of your home, office, car or any place that you feel needs to be cleansed or purified.

Wealth (green)
This powerful remedy candle can be used for any situation where you need enhancement in your career, abundance, prosperity, stability, business growth, material wealth or overall success.

How to use the remedy candle :
It will be great if you can light up the candle, spend 5 minutes of your time to relax and to receive the energy. Otherwise simply by lighting up the candle will be good enough to let it work its magic for you.
The remedy candles are available at $38 each. PM me if you wishes to order as the candles are of limited quantities for every batch.

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