Cixuan Prediction of 2014


2014 the year of horse and Cixuan’s oracle reveals that it will be a year of changes. Many people will have intention to make changes to their life/work/habits etc. There will be natural disaster like volcano eruption, forest fire etc. And an act of revenge will happen in form of riot, fire, and explosion will happen. It’s a year of emotional unstableness in many people lots and lots of quarrel will happen and it is reminded to keep cool, keep calm accept people’s mistake and don’t dwell into it too much. One must learn to forgive and forget and not the burden be keep in your heart which in turn will lure a lot of negative energy. Famous star or political figures will see a lot of wrong actions or talks or making wrong decision. Female leaders will appear and together with them will bring changes along the way. It’s also an action year ahead with people more willing to try out new things and there will be some new idea introduced.

There will be unnatural incident happening and it’s a year of spiritual growth and many will open themselves to divine help and seek spiritual help or assistance. Earth will give out signal of its unhappiness this year. Important figure from politic will pass on this year. There will be ‘something’ from the world will go missing, distinct or disappear.

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