Merry Xmas n Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.





Yearly Reading for 2019

So how’s your 2018?

Was it a….
Good year?


Lost year?


Not so happy year for you?

Anyway 2018 is ending very soon so for those having good luck grab the chance to earn more, for those who are lost start planning for your 2019 and for those who are not so happy have a pat on your shoulder and give yourself a well done cause you have survive the worse…

2019 is coming so what is your 2019 going to be like?

Some choose to ignore and hope everything will turn out well while some choose to have a sneak preview of it and find ways to change it for the better. Life is about choices anyway…

For those who wish to find out what is in store for them in 2019 do book a session… date available for booking starting 26 Oct 2018


*Anyway that’s not me as he is better looking and cute compare to me…

Green Tara

In Tibetan Buddhism, om tare tuttare ture soha is an ancient mantra that is related to Tara, the “Mother of all Buddhas,” and especially to her manifestation as Green Tara.

Green Tara

Tara, who Tibetans also call Dolma, is commonly thought to be a Bodhisattva or Buddha of compassion and action, a protector who comes to our aid to relieve us of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Tara has 21 major forms, each of which has a different color and spiritual attribute.

Of these 21 forms, two are especially popular among Tibetan people — White Tara, who is associated with compassion and long life, and Green Tara, who is associated with enlightened activity and abundance.

We usually think of om tare tuttare ture soha as Green Tara’s mantra, although sometimes it is used as the main mantra for all the Tara’s.

Green Tara Mantra

Tibetans love to pray and recite mantras, and the Green Tara mantra is one of the main three or four mantras that we say to help ourselves and others.

Basically, any mantra is “a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of ‘creating transformation.’ To better understand the Green Tara mantra, let’s first talk a little about who Green Tara is, and then look at the deeper meaning of the mantra.

Green Tara: Compassion in Action

As we see in the image above, Green Tara is usually depicted as a compassionate being ready to step down from her lotus throne to offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings we experience in the world.

She is shown “in a posture of ease and readiness for action. While her left leg is folded in the contemplative position, her right leg is outstretched, ready to spring into action. Green Tara’s left hand is in the refuge-granting mudra (gesture); her right hand makes the boon-granting [giving] gesture. In her hands she also holds closed blue lotuses (utpalas), which symbolize purity and power.”

The First Dalai Lama’s Teachings on Tara

The first Dalai Lama wrote that we can call on her to instantly save us from eight particular dangers, each of which represents a corresponding human mental problem:

  • lions — pride
  • wild elephants — delusion and ignorance
  • forest fires — hatred
  • snakes — jealousy
  • robbers — wrong views, including fanatical views
  • prisons — greed and miserliness
  • floods — desire and attachment
  • demons — doubts caused by delusion

Ordinary Tibetans pray to her when we are sick, when leaving for a long journey, or when we hope for success or wealth. His Holiness’ teaching shows us that this is not actually the true purpose of praying to or reciting mantras to Tara.

When we chant the Green Tara mantra, we are not simply asking for Tara’s blessings and help with our lives and our “real world” problems.

Actually, we are also asking to be liberated from the misery of the mental delusions and negative emotions that blind us to true freedom, and to achieve the same enlightened body, speech and mind that Tara represents, not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Meaning of the Green Tara Mantra

A 1987 teaching by Lama Zopa Rinpoche really opens up to us the profound meaning and benefits of practicing Tara’s powerful mantra.  Lama Zopa walks us through the mantra in a long discussion on Tara, which we have excerpted and shortened below:

  • In short, om tare tuttare ture sohameans “I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious Ones.”
  • The Tara mantra is om tare tuttare ture soha. To explain the meaning of tare tuttare ture: tare means liberating from samsara.
  • Tare shows that Mother Tara liberates living beings from samsara, from true suffering, or problems. You can relate this to the particular sufferings of human beings: birth, old age, sickness and death; meeting undesirable objects and experiencing aversion; not finding desirable objects or finding them but gaining no satisfaction… All these are the problems of true suffering. If you rely upon Tara by taking refuge in her and doing Tara practices—such as the recitation of mantra or praises — with tare, Tara liberates you from all these true sufferings.
  • The second word, tuttare, liberates you from the eight fears. There are eight fears related to external dangers from fire, water, air, earth, and also from such things as thieves and dangerous animals. However, the main dangers come from ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, miserliness, doubt and wrong views. These eight disturbing thoughts that you have in your mind are the main dangers… This second word, tuttare, which liberates you from the eight fears, frees you from the true cause of suffering: karma and the all-arising disturbing thoughts.
  • The third word, ture, liberates you from disease. Now, of the Four Noble Truths, ture shows the cessation of suffering, which is the ultimate Dharma. In terms of liberating from disease, the actual disease we have is ignorance not knowing the absolute nature of the I, and all the disturbing thoughts that arise from this ignorance… By liberating us from disease, ture actually liberates us from the true cause, disturbing thoughts, and also the true sufferings.
  • The rough meaning of these three words tare tuttare ture is: “To you, embodiment of all the Buddhas’ actions, I prostrate always — whether I am in happy or unhappy circumstances — with my body, speech and mind.”
  • The final word soha means establishing the root of the path within your heart. In other words, by taking refuge in Tara and doing Tara practice, you receive the blessings of Tara in your own heart. This gives you space to establish the root of the path, signified by tare tuttare ture, in your heart. By establishing the path of the three capable beings within your heart, you purify all impurities of your body, speech and mind, and achieve Tara’s pure vajra holy body, holy speech and holy mind, which are signified by om. Your body, speech and mind are transformed into Tara’s holy body, holy speech and holy mind. This is the rough meaning of om tare tuttare ture soha.

Like om mani padme hum, the Green Tara Mantra is much greater than the sum of its parts, with layers of meaning and benefit that resonate with us beyond what our minds perceive.

By calling on Tara’s protection from danger and from our fears with a sincere motivation to be relieved of our suffering for the benefit of all beings, we can gain the multiple benefits of selfish altruism, and compassionate action, becoming happier ourselves as we help others.

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Courses and Event for Sept/Oct 2018

Dear all,

I will be conducting the following courses and event for the coming month of Sept and Oct. Do msg me to book a seat.

oracle cards.jpeg

Working with Oracle card (22 Sept)
This course will share with participants on the diffident types of card spread and its usage. Oracle cards will be available for purchase at special rate.
Date and time: 22 Sept@1pm to 6pm
Location: Awakening Reiki Centre @1013 Geylang East Avenue 3 S(389728)
Energy Exchange: S$72

yue lao

Offering to 月老 (24 Sept)
This is an event which you could come and do your offering to deity Yue Lao(月老).
Yue Lao(月老) is a deity of marriage and love therefore it is suitable for those individuals who is seeking for love and marriage. For those who wish to come please let me know as there are some items which I need you to prepare.
Date and time: 24 Sept@3pm to 9pm (Duration for each prayer 30-45mins)
Location: 神帥居 @RoxySquare 01-31
Energy Exchange: S$27


Pendulum and crystal (28 Sept)
This course will share with participants on crystals usage and also share on pendulum.
Date and time: 28 Sept @8pm to 10pm
Location: Awakening Reiki Centre @1013 Geylang East Avenue 3 S(389728)
Energy Exchange: S$27


Reiki lvl 1 (13 Oct)
This course will attune participants with Reiki energy which allow participants to start their Reiki journey.  Please visit for more details.
Date and time: 13 Oct @11am to 7pm
Location: Awakening Reiki Centre @1013 Geylang East Avenue 3 S(389728)
Energy Exchange: S$150

For all courses participants are required to come in comfortable attire as participants might need to sit on floor as and when required.

Penawar Hitam (黑金木)



市场走势 : 黑金木一般都比帝王木卖价高上好几倍,一般一小块黑金木(1.5cm 厚宽/4cm长)可以卖到六十至一百五十等。而用黑金木制成的佛珠连更可以卖到比帝王木佛珠连高(三百至五百等依等级与大小数量)。
特征 :黑金木大多特征都和帝王木一样,但不能透光。黑金木以颜色分别等级,越是黑越是昂贵。黑金木偶尔还能看见黑色的树纹。
Penawar Hitam或宇宙能量木 – 黑金树王是自然生长的黑木。如忍者般的内敛,黑金深藏不露,它隐藏在他树的内中央,一旦出关,必驱赶黑巫术及邪灵于千里之外。
1. 挡黑巫术
2. 避邪消灾
3. 镇宅旺屋
4. 招财进宝
特制的黑金木垂饰, 拥有超级能量, 在佩带或不需接触的状况下, 皆能把能量传递给当事人
Penawar Hitam or Black Gold is a natural wood that is black in color. Penawar Hitam is a natural fossilized black wood that is inside the core of the tree trunk. Penawar Hitam is a natural black wood that possesses rich mystical properties.Penawar Hitam is very rare and very diffcult to find. Black Gold is traditional used for protection from black magic,evil spirits and good luck. Even Indonesia Bomohs carry Penawar Hitam as a protection against evil spirits and black magic.
1. It is an antidote and offer protection from black magic and evil intention of others
2. Keep psychic attack and evil spirit away
3. Possess positive energy to expel negative forces
4. Attract wealth, prosperity and luck
5. Bring success to new endeavors
6. Enhance spiritual power and strength



混元六天 傳法教主 脩真悟道 濟度群迷

普為眾生 消除災障 八十二化 三教祖師

大慈大悲 救苦救難 三元都總管 九天遊奕使

左天罡北極 右垣大將軍 鎮天助順 真武靈應

福德衍慶 仁慈正烈 協運真君 治世福神

玉虛師相 玄天上帝 金闕化身蕩魔大




很多人会利用天赦日这天专门在门口登天焚香祈求?更有人会去庙里去祈求添福延寿、补运、补财库、去忏悔赦罪、尤其久病不好赦因果病、回向婴灵、迥向因果、要求身体、还是犯官司要化解、要大事化小事的都非常灵 感。在天赦日用天赦金祈求、灵感无比、可说有求必应。


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