Amber stones

Amber stone is a fossilized resin. It has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection. It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear.

It is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing. Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy.

How Will Amber Help You?

This golden yellow resin is highly protective against any type of negativity, and is known to be one of the better natural crystals to use for protection from psychic attack.

It is known to be especially helpful to help you if the negativity comes from psychic sources. These stones link the everyday self to the spiritual self.

Amber stone has many wonderful qualities for healing the physical and emotional body. It is worth using as it may also heal health problems you forgot you had until they are gone.

They may aid the emotions, and by releasing negativity will balance the emotions as they clear the mind and eases stress, one of the more endemic problems in today’s society.

Through their role to assist emotional healing they help to create a more positive outlook on life. Their role within the sacral chakra means that it this a strong stone to help you to enhance your creativity.

How To Use It

The main use of amber is as a healing stone, and it may be beneficial to keep it within your aura as long as possible each day if you wish it to benefit your health.

The easiest way to do this is to wear it as jewelry, and as Amber is one of the most beneficial healing crystals for you to wear, think of finding a piece as this is an easy way to keep it on your body.

Black Amber

Have a look at the top quality Baltic Amber jewellery, as it is very beautiful.

If you find you are not able to buy jewelry, the cost of a piece of amber may be quite reasonable. It can be kept either on your body or nearby to assist healing.

It heals the glandular system and stimulates the healing of problems within the DNA, as well as relieving karmic related illness.

Amber connects you to your inner wisdom, via the sacral chakra and enhances clairsentience also known as the psychic gift of clear feeling.

Amber stone aids manifestation, and it is effective at aiding you to use your innate talents and abilities, to bring increased prosperity into your life.

Dark Amber

When combined with other golden toned crystals, it is a powerful stone to manifest an increase in money.

Amber gemstones are one of the major aids for both the solar plexus or power chakra and the sacral chakra, and also works to help other areas of the body.

Wearing Amber Gemstones

Rings made from this stone are easy to find and powerful to wear, and it is a birthstone for two star signs. If you are wondering about whether amber is a crystal, well no it is not a crystal nor is it really a stone as such, but it is hard like a stone which is why they label it as amber stone. You will find it sold in shops with crystals and stones.

It is both a Leo and Aquarius birthstone and there is quite a bit of lovely birthstone jewelry made from this stone in good stores. As this resin is easy to work with it is made into beautiful gemstones.

Amber Gemstone Ring

It has a unique energy that resonates with a lot of different people. As Amber stone has an electromagnetic quality, it will build up an electrical charge. So jewelry that sits against your skin is more effective for healing.

With many stones you are able to buy tumblestones of them, but while they are available, amber specimens in various shapes are more common.

You can buy pieces of this stone, but be aware it is often very fragile and easy to break if dropped. So buying a piece of quality Amber jewelry may be the best way to use it.

Why Would You Use It?

Amber is what is termed a solar stone, and almost always feels warm. Pieces are carved into lovely amber wands for use by alchemical healers, as it is a powerful stone to use for healing.

It is a powerful healer and cleanser, and is reputed to cleanse the blood, as well as helping to move energy around the body.

This is why Amber stone has such wonderful abilities to ease pain in joints and ligaments and energize the endocrine system, creating good healing outcomes in the stomach area.

Amber Healing Wand

Amber pieces are easy to buy, and as it is a powerful healer that will enhance tissue revitalization, it may be beneficial to obtain a piece of stone to put in your pocket.

Try putting a piece of natural crystal in your pocket close to the problem area, or buy a piece of jewelry to wear on your body. It is favorable to wear it during and after illness, to bring relief from many different afflictions.

It supports clearing of problems associated with the navel chakra, and draws physical illness out of the spleen, liver and other organs in the stomach area.

“When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal. When you meet someone not as good as you are, look within and examine your own self.” Confucius.



  1. 尽力就好


2. 尽心就好


3. 适应就好


4. 随缘就好

凡事不强求,是我的终归是我的,不是我的无论怎么努力也不是我的;爱我的人不会忍心看我哭,不爱我的人即使我即刻为他死他也无动于衷。轰轰烈烈固然激荡人心,平平淡淡也自有一番温暖。拥有的好好珍惜,失去的随风飘逝。  人生不过百年,终究是缘分二字,对错并不重要,生命因为阅历而丰富沉静。

5. 看淡就好


6. 面对就好


7. 乐观就好  


8. 放下就好  


9. 放开就好

别跟自己过不去,这么多年过来,你已经很不容易。升学、工作、家庭,还有同学、同事、新朋旧友,还有许许多多你认识或者不认识的人。很多时候,不得不按照别人的期待活着。无论你多么尽心尽力,总是跟他们的期待有距离。  你也累了,也足够对得起他们了,从现在起应该想想怎么样才能对得起自己。很难让所有人欢喜,那就让自己欢喜。事实上,你自己欢喜了,所有人也都欢喜了。  

10. 简单就好





Vesak day

Dearest all

This year Vesak we will not be able to do any physical event for public in view of the current covid situation.

However I will be doing a simple prayer and prayers on Vesak day.

Any one who wish to join this event can do a donation of any amount under your name. Please note that you are not required to come down and should stay at home for this period.

Together we can overcome.

Stay safe! Be happy!













人之初  性本善  性相近  习相远  苟不教  性乃迁

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戒之哉 宜勉力




所有十方世界中 三世一切人师子
我以清净身语意 一切遍礼尽无余
普贤行愿威神力 普现一切如来前
一身复现刹尘身 一一遍礼刹尘佛
于一尘中尘数佛 各处菩萨众会中
无尽法界尘亦然 深信诸佛皆充满
各以一切音声海 普出无尽妙言辞
尽于未来一切劫 赞佛甚深功德海
以诸最胜妙华鬘 伎乐涂香及伞盖
如是最胜庄严具 我以供养诸如来
最胜衣服最胜香 末香烧香与灯烛
一一皆如妙高聚 我悉供养诸如来
我以广大胜解心 深信一切三世佛
悉以普贤行愿力 普遍供养诸如来
我昔所造诸恶业 皆由无始贪嗔痴
从身语意之所生 一切我今皆忏悔
十方一切诸众生 二乘有学及无学
一切如来与菩萨 所有功德皆随喜
十方所有世间灯 最初成就菩提者
我今一切皆劝请 转于无上妙法輪
诸佛若欲示涅槃 我悉至诚而劝请
唯愿久住刹尘劫 利乐一切诸众生
所有礼赞供养福 请佛住世转法輪
随喜忏悔诸善根 回向众生及佛道
我随一切如来学 修习普贤圆满行
供养过去诸如来 及与现在十方佛
未来一切天人师 一切意乐皆圆满
我愿普随三世学 速得成就大菩提
所有十方一切刹 广大清净妙庄严
众会围绕诸如来 悉在菩提树王下
十方所有诸众生 愿离忧患常安乐
获得甚深正法利 灭除烦恼尽无余
我为菩提修行时 一切趣中成宿命
常得出家修净戒 无垢无破无穿漏
天龙夜叉鸠槃茶 乃至人与非人等
所有一切众生语 悉以诸音而说法
勤修清净波罗密 恒不忘失菩提心
灭除障垢无有余 一切妙行皆成就
于诸惑业及魔境 世间道中得解脱
犹如莲华不著水 亦如日月不住空
悉除一切恶道苦 等与一切群生乐
如是经于刹尘劫 十方利益恒无尽
我常随顺诸众生 尽于未来一切劫
恒修普贤广大行 圆满无上大菩提
所有与我同行者 于一切处同集会
身口意业皆同等 一切行愿同修学
所有益我善知识 为我显示普贤行
常愿与我同集会 于我常生欢喜心
愿常面见诸如来 及诸佛子众围绕
于彼皆兴广大供 尽未来劫无疲厌
愿持诸佛微妙法 光显一切菩提行
究竟清净普贤道 尽未来劫常修习
我于一切诸有中 所修福智恒无尽
定慧方便及解脱 获诸无尽功德藏
一尘中有尘数刹 一一刹有难思佛
一一佛处众会中 我见恒演菩提行
普尽十方诸刹海 一一毛端三世海
佛海及与国土海 我遍修行经劫海
一切如来语清净 一言具众音声海
随诸众生意乐音 一一流佛辩才海
三世一切诸如来 于彼无尽语言海
恒转理趣妙法輪 我深智力普能入
我能深入于未来 尽一切劫为一念
三世所有一切劫 为一念际我皆入
我于一念见三世 所有一切人师子
亦常入佛境界中 如幻解脱及威力
于一毛端极微中 出现三世庄严刹
十方尘刹诸毛端 我皆深入而严净
所有未来照世灯 成道转法悟群有
究竟佛事示涅槃 我皆往诣而亲近
速疾周遍神通力 普门遍入大乘力
智行普修功德力 威神普覆大慈力
遍净庄严胜福力 无著无依智慧力
定慧方便威神力 普能积集菩提力
清净一切善业力 摧灭一切烦恼力
降服一切诸魔力 圆满普贤诸行力
普能严净诸刹海 解脱一切众生海
善能分别诸法海 能甚深入智慧海
普能清净诸行海 圆满一切诸愿海
亲近供养诸佛海 修行无倦经劫海
三世一切诸如来 最胜菩提诸行愿
我皆供养圆满修 以普贤行悟菩提
一切如来有长子 彼名号曰普贤尊
我今回向诸善根 愿诸智行悉同彼
愿身口意恒清净 诸行刹土亦复然
如是智慧号普贤 愿我与彼皆同等
我为遍净普贤行 文殊师利诸大愿
满彼事业尽无余 未来际劫恒无倦
我所修行无有量 获得无量诸功德
安着无量诸行中 了达一切神通力
文殊师利勇猛智 普贤慧行亦复然
我今回向诸善根 随彼一切常修学
三世诸佛所称叹 如是最胜诸大愿
我今回向诸善根 为得普贤殊胜行
愿我临欲命终时 尽除一切诸障碍
面见彼佛阿弥陀 即得往生安乐刹
我既往生彼国已 现前成就此大愿
一切圆满尽无余 利乐一切众生界
彼佛众会咸清净 我时于胜莲华生
亲睹如来无量光 现前授我菩提记
蒙彼如来授记已 化身无数百俱胝
智力广大遍十方 普利一切众生界
乃至虚空世界尽 众生及业烦恼尽
如是一切无尽时 我愿究竟恒无尽
十方所有无边刹 庄严众宝供如来
最胜安乐施天人 经一切刹微尘劫
若人于此胜愿王 一经于耳能生信
求胜菩提心渴仰 获胜功德过于彼
即常远离恶知识 永离一切诸恶道
速见如来无量光 具此普贤最胜愿
此人善得胜寿命 此人善来人中生
此人不久当成就 如彼普贤菩萨行
往昔由无智慧力 所造极恶五无间
诵此普贤大愿王 一念速疾皆消灭
族姓种类及容色 相好智慧咸圆满
诸魔外道不能摧 堪为三界所应供
速诣菩提大树王 坐已降服诸魔众
成等正觉转法輪 普利一切诸含识
若人于此普贤愿 读诵受持及演说
果报唯佛能证知 决定获胜菩提道
若人诵此普贤愿 我说少分之善根
一念一切悉皆圆 成就众生清净愿
我此普贤殊胜行 无边胜福皆回向
普愿沉溺诸众生 速往无量光佛刹