Firstly I will like to wish all who see this good health, good wealth and stay safe.

Below is some sharing, views and predictions for 2021.

2020 was a bad year due to unregulated energy disrupting earth from 2019 to 2021. This is something which I shared during my readings since 2018.

2021 is going to be difficult and eventful year.

In 2021, earth will be moving out of the unregulated energy which is something we should look forward to but it will only happens in end Oct/early nov 2021.

Places to avoid next year.

India (likely to see plenty of death)

Part of Indonesia/Philippines/New Zealand/Australia likely to see natural disasters

Europe economy will get a big hit.

Northern China and Russia will have more illness.


2021 will be an illness year. Likely covid will mix with super bug with covid mutations. Especially winter time of 2020. Therefore we should be very careful during this period. Tongshu 2020 mentioned 更看三冬里,山头现坟田。(winter time very very very dangerous. Likely to see plenty of death)

2020 dec to 2021 feb remains extremely dangerous for illness, feb to Oct will be also dangerous.

Animal issue

We will see animal dying or giving us problem. Example mad cow/h1n1 etc…

Food issue

Due to animal issue and bad agricultural in 2020. We have food issue next year.

***Advice to eat stuff fully cooked and avoid raw. Try to eat food that are cooked when ordered. As plenty of germs is around us. Try to avoid seafood also and best to be vegetarian.


Expected to have 2.7 billion ppl going into starvation due to food animal issue and low agricultural production in 2020.

***try to keep at least 7/14 days of ration at home.

Look out for dad and mum

Dad < 破财 this will create monetary lost and health lost. Look out for heart attack and stroke.

Mum <是非 plenty of gossip and legal issue so be law abiding. Health to look out on respiratory issues nose throat lungs < easy to get covid/flu/lung illness

Relationships and 桃花

Sexual crazy year. Easily attracted to others.


Likely to see plenty of investment scam credit card scam sexual scam etc


It like this year. So move along with changes

Natural disasters

Floods! plenty of floods and water related disasters. Earthquake n volcano likely to happen.

Unregulated energy

2019 we see the energy moving from normal to bad and 2020 we remain in bad energy. 2021 as the earth is exiting the pressing energy we will see 2021 gets better but it will only be in end oct/nov of 2021.


Year of death. Tongshu 2021 mentioned 人民留一半.


Look out for this and this will contribute many death

Skin problem

Look out for this

Stomach issue

This is due to food and animal issue. Stomachache food poisoning.

Mistake at work

Be careful at work and big stuff pls think thru and cover every angle before doing. Double check on any submission.

Immune system!!!

Build up immune system. It’s a war against immune!

***Drink cinnamon powder plus honey. And also to add vitamins C and D

New era in nov

From nov 2021 we will see a better year. And 2022 seems to be a more stable year as compared to 2019/2020/2021.


18-21 dec 2020

3 planets(earth/Jupiter/Saturn) will see an alignment and will appear in a straight row just like March. But this time it will have a hit 3-5 times stronger. So try to stay home. Be safe. Likely to have a huge illness coming <super bug <covid plenty of deaths. Natural disasters.

*see the top part on tongshu about winter.

9-11 feb 2021

6 planets will be in straight row. 400 years ago it happens and 1 million ppl dead from famine and natural disasters.

So during these time pls stay home. Stay safe. Have enough food at home. Avoid crowds.

*** additional

On 14 dec we saw a solar eclipse and it was observed via South America and this will create new problems and South America area will be plague by bad luck for at least 2-3 years more. And the other interesting thing is that after the eclipse it shows changes for America. Look out for the inauguration and keep a look out on their political movement as likely to have big events happening there.

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